Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New Sneakers!

Well it has been a while since I have posted.... Classes are crazy! I am at Mid-Terms! Well I am getting ready for a 3 day crop this weekend and can not wait. There are projects I have to work. I am making travel books for my son and 2 of my nephews to document our Thanksgiving Family Trip. We can not wait! Mountains, Fresh Air, Family, FUN! What could be better! We will even get to wear our WARM clothes.... Coming from South FL we do not get to do that all that often. I have a very busy next two weeks, but thought I deserved a 3 day crop before I left. Hubby is taking the little one to a Scout camping event and Rain Gutter Regata. Missing it will be sad, but.....

I got some new shoes today courtsey of a great friend and her daughter. Tell me these are not too freaking cute. I love them! Well I will post the boys travel books when I am done on Sunday. Hopefully they come out really cute! Well the blog is messing up my photos so the one of my son comes first! He is cute so that is ok! Have a good one!

Well I will leave you with a few new pictures - One of my son in Dad's hat and giving his peace sign - he is in the stage of growing his hair long and I think I like it - though it makes him look to grown up! The other is my new phone that I {Heart}. Pink what could be better. Also I gave my husband my iPod and got this new Zune, but in PINK! I love it! Well have a great week and unless something amazing happens I will post the final product of the travel books on Monday!