Friday, February 27, 2009

Guess what I found today???

Wow how amazed was I to go to Mike's and see 2 packs of SassaFras Lass papers. Too cute!
I went in to get this and ended up with this. I was feeling scrappy, so off I went to create. Only to discover my scrap area is a tremendous mess. So after a light cleaning (more to be done tomorrow) I was off to create. I made this with some more old Sassafras and some of the new kit. I think it came out pretty cute. The little boy is my son's best friend. They play together all the time and have a blast. I love seeing his friendships form. He is really starting to understand friendship and give and take.
Well I would also like to thank everyone for giving me such great advice on my strange question. I did not realize how many people like OPI. Very cool. I will be selecting a color next Friday, since I did not have time today to get it before my appt. Though she did have a very nice dark red for me to use, it is not as nice as those that you all selected. Once I pick a color I will let you all know and whoever selected the color that I end up with get one too. You have until next Thursday to post a color! You can enter more than once. Though this is not a give away for scrap supplies I thought it would be fun!
Well I have the In-Laws coming to dinner on Sunday so Saturday will be spent cleaning!!! I have to make some time to hit the local scrapbook store (Scrapbook Central) for some of the awesome new items they are getting in. I NEED those cute new buttons they have and some new dew drops! Hope to see some of you all there!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Question for you???

So this is a strange question, but I am on the look out for a new nail polish. I like the OPI polishes, but need a new color. Any ideas? I sort of like these. If anyone has some other ideas please post a comment.

I have also been working on another LO and decided to use some old scraps. I like how it turned out.

I happen to love this photo for so many reasons. It shows how old my son it getting. It shows that soon he will be that teenager with an attitude, not just doing a funny pose for Mom. It shows that I need to get ready for ANYTHING! Well to start my last 2 weeks for this semester. I am really looking forward to my 2 weeks off to get some scrapping done. Happy scrapping!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Scrap Review Site - Launch Party

Come here and check it out. The Scrap review will tell you about products before you buy them. They are having a launch party the week of March 1-7. Make sure you go and check them out for chances to win some prizes.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Great Subject = Great Layouts

My son is very photogenic. I literally have never seen a bad picture of him. Speaking of the little man, he had a biking accident today. His bike fell and he landed on the handle bars in a not so nice area. His groin is so bruised, I feel so bad for him. I don't think he will let me scrap that one. {smile}. I posted some photos of him and friend a while back and I am finally getting around to scrapping them. Today after laundry, cleaning, and general Saturday stuff, we went to dinner, picked up the pictures and back to my scrap room I went. Armed with new supplies I thought this was going to be a breeze. Well when I shop for some reason I am totally drawn to flower pattern papers! Well can you blame me they are just too darn cute. Well I pulled out some of the older October Afternoon papers, as well as some I just got from SBC. I must say I love how this LO came out.
The photo is just so Aaron. The OA papers went really well. Aaron had some input on this LO as well. After seeing the "Who Me?" LO of my nephew he requested the crumples as he put it. He thought that was a "cute" LO, so crumple away I did. Well my scraproom is a disaster and I really need to take the time to clean it before doing another LO. Sunday will be homework day for a few hours, then back to scrapping. I think I finally got my mojo back. Well goodnight - sleep tight - don't let the bed bugs bite.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Chaperoning and Layouts

Well I have been working on a few new layouts. The first one is another of the collage photos. This has been pretty good for me getting more photos of an event on one page, since I am not a huge multi photo scrapper.
The next one is Sassafrass paper that I have had for a while, just have not been in the mood to scrap it. I love the way it came out. I have to give credit for inspiration to Christine Middlecamp, check out her blog for some great ideas.

Now onto the Reniassance Faire. I have a great group of kids at the Faire. The weather was beautiful and the kids had a great time. Three of the kids rode this huge horse. We watched an amazing show with acrobatics. Check out the pictures. We watched a josting show.

We all had a great time today. Well after the day at the Faire I treated myself to some new scrap supplies. I can not wait to work on some new LO's this weekend. I will post some new items real soon. I hope everyone has a great weekend with lots of crafting.

Blog set-up!

So I am finally trying to get into the whole updating the blog everyday. I started this blog for mainly one reason, to post my crafts. Well there are just not enough hours in the day to scrap and card make something EVERYDAY. So on the days or weeks or months that I had not scrapped I did not post. Well I am going to try and change that. I am going to write about my day and post a picture of that day. No I am not doing the 365 challenge. I tried to do that and became so stressed that after getting all ready for bed, jammies and all, I would pop up and say to my hubby, "I forgot to take a picture, SMILE." Well needless to say he thought/thinks I am crazy. So for now I will attempt at a picture a day and journal about it.
I have learned to add people's blogs that I watch and stalk I guess you would say. The new DT at Cherry Blossom Studios, is my current add. I wish them all luck this year. I will miss my old DT mates. Enjoy ladies.
Well I guess I can start off this blogging everyday with a picture of my office. This is where I spend a majority of my time!

OK well lets analyse my space. Green sweater over the chair, though we LIVE in So. FL, I work in a MEAT LOCKER. The desk is pretty neat today, ALL of the pain in the botties are out of town today, hence the time to blog about my desk. I do have a can of REGULAR coke on my desk, because the diet is all gone and we are ALL to lazy to go to Sam's to get more. Pretty flower pens to brighten my day. Though for some reason they have been pushed behind my computer so I guess they are there to brighten the day of whoever sits in the chair. Then a picture of my screen, for proof that I really am blogging!
Well tomorrow I am chaperoning my son's class at the Renaissance Festival. The weather should be nice and what could be better than spending the day with 22 - 8 year olds? Oh I am not sure a hot poker in the eye??? I will post pics on Saturday or Monday, or if I have the energy Friday night. So I made it through a whole post without on crafty item being posted. Oh wait, I am on the lookout for these items,

so if you are reading this blog, which I am sure I am the only one who does, let me know if and where you have seen them. They are the American Crafts - Flair and Detail. Thanks!

Friday, February 13, 2009

New Obsession

Ok I have a new costly obsession! Le Creuset items in the Caribbean Blue. I am on a mission to find this utensil crock.

Though I truly want the entire set of this cookware.

I mean can you blame me? The stuff is beautiful. So for now I have to settle for a spatula and spoon holder. Though I am working on the other items slowly. If you share my obsession let me know the best place to get stuff.

Kitchen Redo

Well my hubby has been very busy painting my kitchen. He had to remove our pantry to make way for our new AC and when he did he was very nice and installed new cabinets for all my goodies. Well I finally picked a color and he went for it. Today - this weekend is my move in week. I have purchased all my new items, towels, table mats, paper towel holder, wall art etc. I have gone from a blue and white kitchen to a Behr's Smokey Topaz and white. We have maple cabinets and it looks GREAT! I have been purging and cleaning out cabinets and it feels great! I will post some before and after pics later this weekend. I wish we were able to get granite right now, but NEW bedroom furniture is higher on my list. Honey do not put away those paint brushes!!! :) Well once the room is DONE I will post the pics, but until then I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentines Day. Kiss and Hug your loved ones.
Ok Here are the before and partial after pictures. I will post more tomorrow or Sunday once the final decorations have been placed minus the wall decor. Hubby will be out of town and how dare I hang something on a wall that will actually take me weilding a hammer. Oh well, I let him think he is the only one that can do that stuff so perfectly. Keeps him happy! :) All you married ladies know what I mean, right?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Layouts

Here are a few LO's that I did of my trip to GA. I have more, but this is my first start. I just tried printing some pictures out in a collage format and scrapping them. I am finding it a little difficult, but not too bad I guess.
The "deep in thought" LO was done as part of my last LO's for the DT @ Scrapbook Central. Good Luck to all the new ladies.

January - WOW this has been a picture posting day!

So living in Florida where else can you swim just a few days after Christmas?
My cousin's kids came in from Tampa to see their grandpa (my uncle) and the kids all went to Mom and Dad's for swimming and a BBQ. What a fun time to see all the kids together! That used to be us as kids playing now we have the kids! TOO MUCH. We spent New Year's Eve with Louis, Michele, Frederick, and Alexandre. We ate, played the Wii, and had a great time. Aaron and Frederick have become great friends through scouts and spend a lot of time together. They even let me do a photo shoot one day. What great kids right!
So do they think they are GQ or what. It was fun and they really enjoyed it. Even the cat thinks she is a superstar!

Same day another update - December 08

So December was crazy too. Of course with holidays and shopping everyone's December is nuts. My parents were in the Christmas Pagent again this year and we took the kids to see it.The boys thought it was too cool seeing their Memaw in the play. Papa played percussion so he was there throughout the play. I went to my company Christmas Party in Texas paired along with a lovely HR meeting. All in All it was not a bad trip. I work with some great people. We celebrated Blakie 'B's Birthday with a bowling party.I had some minor surgery the day before, still working on having another baby, so I was not able to bowl. The kids had a great time though! We took a long weekend and went to Epcot. The weather was GREAT and we had a very nice time.yes my boys are crazy and that is why i {heart} them so much!Well Christmas was just around the corner and it was great to see family.
We got to celebrate Tyler's First Christmas. Too cute! Grandma and Grandpa are just as adorable as ever. The Holiday season was good too all of us. Aaron got Guitar Hero and a Wii, which Mommy and Daddy love. LOL. It was great to see family and though none of them like it, I love the picture of Mom and her sisters laughing! I hope everyone had a great holiday. Cherish this time with your families - memories last a lifetime!