Friday, May 23, 2008

Let the waiting begin

I went today for the requested blood work. Now I have to wait for the dreaded results. Not that I am not looking forward to finding SOMETHING out. I am a little nervous about what it might be causing me NOT to get Pregnant.

Well we are off for the weekend and I can really use the break right now. I have taken 2 extra days. I will try and post some pics as I need to take my laptop for class.
I would like to wish everyone a Safe and Happy Memorial Day! Thanks to all those how have served and are currently defending our Country.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Not really what I wanted to hear....

Well my husband and I have one terrific son who will be 8 in August, we have been trying off and on for about 4 years for another child and nothing.... Well yesterday I went for my yearly exam with a new dr. Not that I did not LOVE my dr, but I think that he has not been listening to closely to my concerns about infertility. Month after month I wait to find out if we are pregnant and month after month nothing and it really starts to weigh heavily on your emotions. I was referred to a new dr. who seems to be listening though she may not be telling me all I want to hear, she is pointing me in the right direction. She is sending me for some blood tests to check hormone levels, sending me for an US for a possibly cyst on my ovary. If these tests come back she may be able to just adjust hormone levels and get me on track. This is what I really want to hear. I do not really want to hear that I may have Sheehans Syndrome. As soon as I got home I ran to my computer to check this out. We other than having one symptom of this, I think that I might now have it, but I realize she has to start somewhere. All I want is one more baby, but I will not mess with Mother Nature, if it is not God's will for us to have another one, then..... One terrific kid it is. It does break my heart when my son asks why he can not have a brother or sister. Kids just do not understand. I think I may even scrapbook my journey through this possible battle with infertility. Even though it may not be always easy!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

I think the Mojo is back!!!

So this weekend I really wanted to get back down to business in the scrap room. I went and had those new pics printed and could not wait to get the done. I actually got 2 pages done in one day. I used the items I got at Michaels, new Primas flowers and some more of the SEI items. Here are some samples of what I got.

The colors of the new Primas are beautiful. I need to go back and see if they get the chocolate ones in. I really want them. Then I found some other really great stuff. In this LO of my neice all of the new items are from Michael's.

This LO of my nephew was all from We R Memory Keepers - white out products. I love how it came out. the only thing I have to fix it the date that I wrote in. I think I may print out some journal tabs and cover it up. I like how the picutres came out. I used a 5x7 and the wallet sizes of the same picture. I love the effect it gives. Well I hope everyone had a great weekend. I am just finsihing my weekend up with the Office Marathon!!! I love it! I will post more pages this week. I hope my MOJO keeps flowing. Have a great week.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Oh Wow Friday already!

Well last night I sat down at my scrap area and started to work on a LO using some items I found at Michael's thanks to LaVerne. They are now carrying PRIMAS and I also got some SEI stuff too cute. I also got some great little embellies. As I was working on the page I realized the photo needs to be in BW so alas I will finish it today. I also uploaded for the first time to WalMart and I love the texture of the photo paper they use. The pictures came out great. I had all of these pics delvoped in BW.

And some more, but don't want to bore you. Can not wait to scrap them. I even printed some in the wallet size and let me tell you WalMarts are so much nicer than the Walgreens!!!! Gotta love nephews and neices aren't they cute! Well maybe I can post over the weekend some of my LO's and I will post a pic of the great finds from Michaels. Now if I can just find the Threading Water punch my life would be swell. Well have a great weekend ALL and enjoy your family.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Today is just the BEGINNING

So today I took the plunge and started back to school.

I am going to finish my Business Degree in just 18 short months! I am very excited. I have joined the Online world of classes. So cool to go to school in your jammies! What could be better???
So for now blogging will be a total outlet for me. So there my be ranting over NOT having anytime for scrapping, but I hope that once I get into the swing of things I will get my scrapping mojo back and post some new stuff. I think at least 2 nights a week after the little one is in bed will be ME time and that will be for scrapping. Wish me luck.
Well today was a great day - my little one has been working on an inventor project for school. 2nd grade can you believe it. He had to write a 5 paragraph paper complete with note cards, rough draft, final copy, cover page as well as a diarama, (not sure I spelled that right). Once that was turned in he had to give a presentation to the class - dressed up like his inventor etc. Well he chose Thomas Edison. He LOVES Thomas Edison and wants to be an inventor when he grows up. TOO FREAKIN CUTE.. Well off to school he went dressed in one of Daddy's white dress shirts that passed for a lab coat, complete with pencils in the pocket, dress pants etc. well needless to say he was cute! Armed with note cards, a light bulb and of course a scrapbook page that I did from the year we took him to the Edison House in Ft. Myers, FL off he went. Well now for the grade on all of this......drum roll please.......97. yeah I was sooo excited for him. He really worked hard on it. I will try and take pics tonight and post them tomorrow. Well that is all for now - have a great night! and go invent something.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

So after reading one of the many blogs that I read each day I see that she discussed her children and each of their traits. I thought that is a wonderful thing to do. Though she had 3 children and I have only 1 my job should be slightly easier.

Aaron is a wonderful child. Smart, witty and very silly! At the age of 7 he is very well spoken. He loves science and inventing. Loves to play legos and ride his scooter and bike. He is learing to master the skate board and LOVES his Heelys! Aaron keeps me and my hubby on our toes with questions all the time. Sometimes they even make me think! I can not imagine changing a thing about him. He is my little sugar monkey (though I am not supposed to mention that outside the house)

My Mother's Day was active - Aaron made me a beautful gift of a letter stating all the reasons he loves me - my favorite was that when he is sick I let him watch 3 hours of TV.. . Now tell me - where are kids priorities these days! *smile*

I also made some cards for my Mom and Sister-in-law.

Sorry for the photos I am learning. These are note cards and I love them. I really like how these turned out.

We spent the afternoon at my brother's and the kids played in the pool - it is FREAKIN hot here in South Florida. Here is my youngest nephew enjoying the water. He did not want to come out.

I call this his superman move. He lays on his tummy and lifts his legs and arms - Too Cute!

Well that was my day and it was great just spending it with my family! I love them so much! I hope everyone else had a GREAT day too!