Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Today is just the BEGINNING

So today I took the plunge and started back to school.

I am going to finish my Business Degree in just 18 short months! I am very excited. I have joined the Online world of classes. So cool to go to school in your jammies! What could be better???
So for now blogging will be a total outlet for me. So there my be ranting over NOT having anytime for scrapping, but I hope that once I get into the swing of things I will get my scrapping mojo back and post some new stuff. I think at least 2 nights a week after the little one is in bed will be ME time and that will be for scrapping. Wish me luck.
Well today was a great day - my little one has been working on an inventor project for school. 2nd grade can you believe it. He had to write a 5 paragraph paper complete with note cards, rough draft, final copy, cover page as well as a diarama, (not sure I spelled that right). Once that was turned in he had to give a presentation to the class - dressed up like his inventor etc. Well he chose Thomas Edison. He LOVES Thomas Edison and wants to be an inventor when he grows up. TOO FREAKIN CUTE.. Well off to school he went dressed in one of Daddy's white dress shirts that passed for a lab coat, complete with pencils in the pocket, dress pants etc. well needless to say he was cute! Armed with note cards, a light bulb and of course a scrapbook page that I did from the year we took him to the Edison House in Ft. Myers, FL off he went. Well now for the grade on all of this......drum roll please.......97. yeah I was sooo excited for him. He really worked hard on it. I will try and take pics tonight and post them tomorrow. Well that is all for now - have a great night! and go invent something.

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