Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Not really what I wanted to hear....

Well my husband and I have one terrific son who will be 8 in August, we have been trying off and on for about 4 years for another child and nothing.... Well yesterday I went for my yearly exam with a new dr. Not that I did not LOVE my dr, but I think that he has not been listening to closely to my concerns about infertility. Month after month I wait to find out if we are pregnant and month after month nothing and it really starts to weigh heavily on your emotions. I was referred to a new dr. who seems to be listening though she may not be telling me all I want to hear, she is pointing me in the right direction. She is sending me for some blood tests to check hormone levels, sending me for an US for a possibly cyst on my ovary. If these tests come back she may be able to just adjust hormone levels and get me on track. This is what I really want to hear. I do not really want to hear that I may have Sheehans Syndrome. As soon as I got home I ran to my computer to check this out. We other than having one symptom of this, I think that I might now have it, but I realize she has to start somewhere. All I want is one more baby, but I will not mess with Mother Nature, if it is not God's will for us to have another one, then..... One terrific kid it is. It does break my heart when my son asks why he can not have a brother or sister. Kids just do not understand. I think I may even scrapbook my journey through this possible battle with infertility. Even though it may not be always easy!

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