Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sunny South Florida my fanny!

Well we have had horrible weather for about 2 weeks and the rain just does not stop. I saw a duck using a puddle as a pond. No kidding. I even posted on face book asking if Noah is getting the ark ready! So I have almost completed this semester at school and only have one more final to go, Finance!!! ugh. I am taking my time on it, I want an A on the final to get my B+ in the class. It is stressing me out. At least I am done in Ethics and the professor posted our final grades! 99.20% with a perfect score on my Power Point final project!!! I was so excited . I worked so hard on that project. I have to say though I loved the professor he was GREAT! Here is a picture of a project I just completed.

Well today was no exception with the rain so I decided to create gift card sets for my son's teachers for an end of the year gift. So far I have one set down and one more to go. Here are some pictures of the cards. I figure I will wrap them with some pretty ribbon. These are for his science/writing teacher. She is young and sweet and my little one has a slight crush I do believe. He is too cute having to get to school early to go help her in class.
Well I am in {love} with this paper pack, I found it at Michael's, too cute and very versatile. The stamps are Unity, they are wonderful and stamp such nice, clear images. Their choices are really cute and sweet. I have placed a second order, just waiting for it to arrive. I am so excited to get my hands on more.
Oh yeah speaking of school Florida gives the kids the FCAT test to see if the move to the next grade or not and it becomes a tremendous source of stress for parents and kids alike. Well after freaking for a few months, wondering if the kids do what they are supposed to and not get lazy and fill in any answer, we got Aaron's scores, 4 in reading and 4 in math! That is wonderful considering the scale is 1-5. The kids need 2's to pass to the next grade. I was relieved and very pleased with the great scores. So as of next Thursday we will have a 4th grader on our hands! Whew I have to say that 3rd grade has been a whirl-wind. Lots of new things to learn. They are even still doing projects next week! Crazy!
Well I hope that we do not get rain tomorrow, but if we do I will be back in my craft room making another set of cards. I also want to go and see the movie "UP" it looks too cute. As I type my boys are assembling a huge Lego - VW Beetle Bug car that Santa brought my Hubby for Christmas. I know almost 6 months later, but it requires a lot of time to get it together. I will post some pics when they are done. Well here's to wishing everyone a wonderful rest of the weekend and if you are in FL stay dry.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Weekend Cards

So I have been on a card making frenzy. I love it. A new paper pack from Michaels and I was set. Here is one that I made for SFYTT Challenge:
Now here are more that the challenge just got my mojo going.
Well I hope to get back in the craft room to make more this weekend. Maybe a couple pages too. Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and remember the reason for your Monday off!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

3AM Super Hero

This is for all those Mommy's who have become "Mom, who feel that the little ones are just growing up way to fast. I have gone from Mommy to Mom in one blink of an eye. Good bye kisses are now a struggle and that is if they last from the car to classroom without being wiped off. The little boy I once held in my arms and fed a bottle to is now making his own breakfast. Play dates have turned into sleep-overs. Where oh where has my little boy gone. Only 8 and today's kids seem like they are 18. Well all that went away last night at 3AM. A TERRIBLE storm came through and I felt that familiar tap on the shoulder and a whisper in my ear, "Mommy can you come lay with me", well let me tell you I was more than happy to go and lay next to my little one and rub his back until he fell asleep again! Sorry it took some nasty thunder, but more than happy to do it. So I felt like the 3AM Super Hero, to tell you the truth being tired in the AM never felt so good! They grow up way too fast! I love this little one even though he is almost as tall as I am.
On a brighter note I have recently purchased these little cuties and can not wait to use them. If anyone has bought these and these and put them to use and not in their stash can you post them in the comment section or post your blog link here. I would love to see what you have done with them.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A wonderful Sunday

We this weekend went very quick, but it was great. Aaron made Web on Saturday and we celebrated 8 birthdays on Sunday. I have a very large family and we have gotten to the point of celebrating birthdays by the quarter. Strange I know, but you would end up doing a different birthday every week. :) Well this year I decided to make all the cards. With inspiration from some older, 2007 Card Trend mags I was off and running. Here is what I ended up with. The photos are not too great, but was in a major hurry to get them done before we headed out the door this afternoon.
Well I have to say the party hat was my favorite and I love the Bungle Jungle paper! It is very cute and fun to work with. I {heart} Sassafras Lass. Well I think I will get to work on some Layouts next. I am feeling creative again. I hope I am out of the funk I was in. Two more weeks in class and I am a free woman for two weeks. YEAH! Well I am off to get ready for the week. Have a wonderful Monday everyone.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

New Webelo Scout in the house

Well tonight was a very special night in our house. We now have a Webelo Scout. Needless to say Mom and Den Leader Dad are VERY proud of our young man! Now tell me this is not a handsome kiddo. Yes I know we are very biased. LOL . Here are some before, during, and after. This was a sunset ceremony that ended in the dark. I can not wait to scrap these photos.

My two men in uniform are so handsome.
Well I spent the first part of the day making cards for the 8 birthdays we are celebrating tomorrow. Our family is so large that we celebrate birthdays by the quarter now. Crazy I know. Well I only got 4 out of 8 done. I will take some pics tomorrow and post them. They are coming out pretty good. Well just wanted to show some pictures of my little man. I am so proud. Now off to bed, it has been a LONG day.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Post Mother's Day Post

So I was slightly crafty this past weekend. Saturday my son and I made cards. They came out pretty darn nice if I do say so myself. The Nana card was stitched by Aaron. Can you believe that. He did a wonderful job.

So as we were making cards there was a knock at the door and when we opened it there was the most beautiful, humongous flower arrangement. My first thought was oh honey they are beautiful, then I looked at him and his face said no way Jose. The card said they were from my parents. Again the best in the world. The card was so sweet and read, to an Inspiring Mom! Love Mom and Dad. Well let me tell you the smell from these flowers is just amazing. Now I know in the picture you can not tell how big they are, but they are almost the size of my kitchen table which seats 5 without the leaf!

Well now on Sunday we had breakfast with my Mother-in-law and my hubby's Aunt. Then back home, the boys let me nap, sweet! Then my parents came over for dinner. Hubby BBQ'ed and cleaned up! Then Aaron made brownie bites ALL BY HIMSELF. Ok he is 8 years old and did a GREAT job! Here is a photo shoot of the baking event. :) Now do NOT pay attention to my toaster oven that needs to be replaced!

He did an amazing job and they came out GREAT. We served them with vanilla ice cream! YUM-O! Well they were the end SWEET to the perfect Mother's Day. Oh yeah I almost forgot my boys got me my Brighton Charm bracelet and little boy charm. Very sweet. Leave enough hints and you really can get what you want!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Mother's Day - early

Hello all you Mother's out there. Here is to wishing you all a wonderful and relaxing weekend. I am not sure how relaxing mine will be this weekend, but last was WONDERFUL. My hubby, son, and I went and stayed on Vero Beach and it was BEAUTIFUL. We stayed RIGHT on the beach and took full advantage of the beautiful weather. We all came back home nice and tan. What a way to start off the summer, at least here in FL it feels like summer already.
Well this weekend starts off with house cleaning tonight since the rest of the weekend will be fun filled. Tomorrow night Aaron is off to Nana and Pop's for a sleepover while Mommy and Daddy go to a friends birthday party, which I am really looking forward too. It is a 70-80's theme and of course I had to shop right! Well I lived the 80's, but love the fashion from the 70's so this is my outfit for the night, sans shoes as I can not find the right ones! Even got a mani/pedi in this color to match the dress. Ok a lot different for me, but it will be cute tomorrow. It was really nice to hit the salon at lunch time and RELAX today!. I figure I can wear the dress again too, it is really cute in person.

And what is a Mother's day Weekend without spending some time with the Mom's. We are going to my in law's house Sunday AM to get Aaron and have lunch, then back to our house for dinner with my Mommy! I will be making cards for them and the birthday girl tonight or tomorrow AM, I hope to post them when I am done. So for now, Mommy's go relax and spoil yourselves this weekend.