Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Post Mother's Day Post

So I was slightly crafty this past weekend. Saturday my son and I made cards. They came out pretty darn nice if I do say so myself. The Nana card was stitched by Aaron. Can you believe that. He did a wonderful job.

So as we were making cards there was a knock at the door and when we opened it there was the most beautiful, humongous flower arrangement. My first thought was oh honey they are beautiful, then I looked at him and his face said no way Jose. The card said they were from my parents. Again the best in the world. The card was so sweet and read, to an Inspiring Mom! Love Mom and Dad. Well let me tell you the smell from these flowers is just amazing. Now I know in the picture you can not tell how big they are, but they are almost the size of my kitchen table which seats 5 without the leaf!

Well now on Sunday we had breakfast with my Mother-in-law and my hubby's Aunt. Then back home, the boys let me nap, sweet! Then my parents came over for dinner. Hubby BBQ'ed and cleaned up! Then Aaron made brownie bites ALL BY HIMSELF. Ok he is 8 years old and did a GREAT job! Here is a photo shoot of the baking event. :) Now do NOT pay attention to my toaster oven that needs to be replaced!

He did an amazing job and they came out GREAT. We served them with vanilla ice cream! YUM-O! Well they were the end SWEET to the perfect Mother's Day. Oh yeah I almost forgot my boys got me my Brighton Charm bracelet and little boy charm. Very sweet. Leave enough hints and you really can get what you want!

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Tammy said...

Ok the cards turned out AWESOME....but I have to say those brownie bites look FABULOUS!!!! Great job Aaron! Maybe you could teach Jake how to make them ;)