Monday, August 31, 2009

{Manic Monday}

Well the weekend was way to short and though I got a lot done, laundry doesn't count as my idea of fun. My husband and I are clearing out the clutter in our lives. Old baby stuff, quilts, quilt rack etc. It makes my mind more clear. So my hubby is now addicted to Craigs List. So anyone in the local South FL area, check out his posts and take ALL of this stuff from my front door! I gave him one week then it is off to Goodwill with it all. Isn't it crazy how much your decorating style changes over the years. When we first moved in together, OMG 17 years ago! Oh my that was hard to say, well my style was South West. This evolved into Country, complete with dead flowers on my walls that would attract all of the dust in the house. I guess that added to the country Krap charm? LOL Well now I guess you can say I am going through my minimalist phase. I love it. So neat and clean. What styles have you gone through and where have you ended up?
Well Monday's always consist of work, dinner, laundry etc. So I look forward to the kiddos bed time. I get to blog stalk, bookmark items I want to scrap lift, that I never seem to get to. Well work was crazy today so I was really ready today for my Manic Monday ritual.
I have to say Monday nights are one of my favorite nights on TV. Two and a half men and The Big Bang Theory are freaking hilarious! I {heart} those nerds! on Big Bang. Also how can I not mention How I met your Mother! Barney cracks me up! I can not wait for the new season to start. I also have a secret, sshhh don't tell anyone LOL I secretly watch the Disney Channel and LOVE Hannah Montana and The Wizards of Waverly Place. I use my son as a way to watch it. LOL though I watch even when he is in bed.
Well the first week of school as come and gone. Now the homework as started. Aaron is really into writing this year and art all of the sudden. I love this part of the year when they are excited to learn new things. The creative juices are flowing.
I do however have a moody kid on my hands and not sure how to handle him. I mean really 9 and attitude. Thinks we owe him the world all the sudden. Well I guess it is really not all that bad, but wants to stay up late, watch TV, and then have reading time. Well come on... I know could be so much worse, but he is really a great kid and this is out of character for him. The attitude we get after we say no is unreal. Tonight he told me that if I wanted to continue to be his favorite I would read chapter 2 of the new book we started. LOL can you believe that. 9 year old bribery. Well that was my manic Monday. If you made it to the end of my rambling - thanks!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

{Sassy Sunday Sketch}

Here is my Sassy Sunday Sketch for Cherry Blossom Studio. I used a ton of Fancy Pants Felt. I have so much of it - was nice to put it to good use. It felt good to get back in my craft room. I hope to being doing more this week.
Well this first week of school is behind us and Aaron did much better by the end of the week. Thank God. I being separation anxiety was his issue. Being an only child and spending so much time with us is sometimes a really hard thing to let go. I am feeling better about the whole situation.

Friday, August 28, 2009

{I have been sucked in}

To the vortex that is Twitter. Not really sure why, but it seems there are a ton of my friends on it and do I really want to be left out? Crazy I know. Who really wants to know what I am doing at a moments notice. Isn't that what FaceBook is for? LOL Oh well I will give it a try. If you have a twitter account let me know.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

{LSS Re-Opening}

Cherry Blossom Studio is re-open and I could not be more excited. I love this store and all they offer. The classes are wonderful, as is the staff. ALWAYS eager to help. Check out their blog here. I have been trying my hand at some challenges for card making and will be posting some later today. I need to get my rear in gear and print out my vaca photos and get to scrapping. I have taken this semester off from classes and I feel like I am wasting away prime scrapping time! Well the family has been a little on the busy side. Mom had some surgery on her foot, then the next day Gram is in the hospital for CHF! Ugh I know that when you get older people tend to leave your lives, but come on. I lost my Maternal Grandpa last July, and for me that is ENOUGH! Grandma is doing much better and hopefully will come home today!
Another sore point in my life right now is my son Aaron. He started 4th grade this year and is having a VERY hard time adjusting. He is an only child and we spent a great deal of time together as a family this summer! We have been having an extreme case of separation anxiety this year for some reason. This is his 5th year at the same school, and even has the SAME teachers as last year. Not sure what is going on, but this morning SUCKED for me. I had to be mean and literally peel him off me to leave. I got in my car and broke down! I HATE being mean, but he says there is NOTHING wrong at school, nor is he afraid of anyone etc. I am at wits end. My hubby made an appointment the with principal before we do the doctor thing. I just my baby to feel safe and enjoy school! Well sorry for the downer post. Anyone with ANY ideas please leave a comment! I am feeling lost in this situation and really hate that feeling. Until the next post! Thanks and have a wonderful day.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

A big thanks to Andrea for the award – Thanks to Andrea for the Award!
With this prestigious award comes the fine print: In order to accept this award you must:
1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award - Check
2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog. Check see Above
3. Link the person who nominated you for this award - Check
4. Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting - not so sure about this one, but
5. Nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers - check see below
6. Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate - Check see below
7. Leave comments on all 7 blogs letting then know you nominated them - done

Here are my 7 Kreativ Bloggers:
LaVerne - Can layer like no ones business - taught me to scrap out of my comfort zone
Tammy Friedberg - got me addicted to Unity Stamps
Christine Middlecamp - Love her sense of color and texture
Kristina Werner - i am addicted to her cards
Stephanie Howell - love the simplicity of her designs and her story telling
Layle Koncar - Love her style - great inspiration
Katie Bee - She can alter anything and it is beautiful
Here are the 7 things people might find interesting:
This will be hard I am not that interesting at all.
1. I have a son with 9 toes
2. My father passed away when I was 8
3. Fractured my skull at age 7 - I know explains a lot. LOL
4. Was a CTMH Consultant
5. I am afraid of upside down roller coasters
6. Have been with my hubby for 20 years this year though married for 14 years.
7. See I said I was boring - Passed my driving test on the first try?
Sorry I got nothin'.


Friday, August 14, 2009

{Where does the time go}

It seems like yesterday I went into the OB for my first weekly exam and I was sent to the hospital with contractions! Well, here we are 9 years later and I have the most wonderful little man in the world. He is kind and sweet, yet still a boy! He loves to make jokes and laugh. He loves being in Scouts, outdoors, and science of any kind. He is smart and inquisitive and just an over all a joy to have in my life. Not a day goes by that I am not TRULY grateful for my son. I guess if you are only going to have one, do it right! LOL not for lack of trying, but he seems destin to be an only child! Well today he woke up to his first present which was ripped open with sleepy eyes and bed head so he requested NO pictures Mom! Ugh also when did Mommy stop and Mom start!!! I really want to know why that bothers me so much! Well back to the present it was Aero Smith for the Guitar Hero Wii. He looks at Daddy and I with this huge grin and saying how did you know I REALLY wanted this. Now this is the kid that NEVER and I am not just saying that, he never asks for anything. Christmas and Birthdays are a nightmare for me and my HUGE extended family when it comes to shopping for him. Well finally something he really wanted! Wink Wink, Mom and Dad listen so ANYTIME he mentions even the littlest of things we take note. Well the morning went well so far and he gets to choose the dinner location tonight. He and Daddy are going to spend the day at home, while Mommy works. Oh well. This Saturday we get to spend the day with Family at Mom and Dad's the kids always have a blast with Memaw and Papa so everyone is excited. BBQ and pool what could be better! I will post pics of the merriment! So I want to wish Aaron Michael a wonderful 9th Birthday!
So how is it you go from this to this in the blink of an eye. It is all the tears, smiles, and laughter in between that makes the journey all worth while! Happy Birthday A, and remember Mommy loves you all the world and back again and even to the moon!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

{Back from our trip}

Well we are back and have returned to the average week of summer. Aaron will be 9! this Friday. I am excited for him, but ugh it makes me feel old. 4th grade starts in 2 weeks. I have finally downloaded all of my pictures from my camera and there were to other photographers on our trip and I have yet to see their photos. Here are a few of my favorites.

Kissing ducks on an Amish Farm, Rainbow over Horseshoe Falls, American and Canadian Falls in one shot, One Crazy Family, DT Pittsburgh as taken from a random camera stuck out of the window, DT Pitt from an 'artistic' view, Aaron driving the Duck Boat on the Just Ducky Tour of DT Pitt, Beautiful Black Eyed Susan's from a rest area (would make a great paper to scrap), My boys by a river in Ohio, Gondola over the whirlpools in Niagara. There are so many more that I love, but for now that is all I will post. Don't want to bore anyone. The trip was wonderful and I recommend taking a driving tour to Niagara and back. We had a blast. I have one more week of school left, then I am on a short leave of absence for 10 weeks. I can not wait to use my time to get creative!!!! So many nice pictures to scrap. Hopefully I will have some time this weekend, if all goes well with my mountain of laundry. Love vacation, but hate coming back to laundry. I hope everyone has a great week.

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

{Vacation Blog} pic heavy

We are still on our vacation, but I have not had the energy to blog. We have been non-stop since leaving. Our first stop was in Virginia for one night just to sleep. The following day we traveled to Ohio. Once we got into a hotel that was not housing a family reunion of about, oh I don't know, a billion people; we were great. In Ohio we saw many beautiful sights. The corn fields are just beautiful in the sunlight.

We actually visited an Amish home,
farm, and barn. Aaron loved holding the bunnies.
The three of us took a buggy ride. If any of you have been following along, Joe went along for the ride too.

In fact Joe has been across the border and back. Here are some pictures from our visit to OH.

The church was just very pretty I thought and snapped it from the car. The cheese factory was quaint and the kitten's outside in their beautiful gardens were too cute. We stopped along the way out of Ohio at a Vineyard named Ferrante Winery, just had to take a picture for the family! Sorry the not so wonderful pictures are taken with the blackberry so.... Driving through the wooden covered bridge was cool as was the lake on the other side. The weather has been just wonderful. Not sure if I am ready for the HOT Florida weather.
Most of these have been taken by me, but some by Aaron. He received a camera for his birthday and he is turning into quite the little photographer. I have been using my Point and Shoot on manual and I am learning quite a bit about white balance and iso. Keep in my that these photos have not been edited, so please bear with me. After Ohio we were on our way to Canada via New York to see Niagara Falls. I must say I have always heard that they are spectacular and that really is an understatement. The feeling you get after seeing them in person is indescribable.
Here are some pictures of our visit to Canada. First up is a bridge in New York and Joe at the border
These first few are of the whirlpools at the end of the falls. The water is such a beautiful green/blue.
The next ones are the ones of Aaron on the Maid of the Mist. This boat takes you as close to the Canadian Falls as possible. The mist and spray is so bad you can not take photos without a waterproof camera.
American falls on the Right and the Canadian Falls on the left.

A view from the top of the horseshoe falls.

Rainbow over the falls. The others are just random photos from Canada. This is all I can do tonight I am exhausted and must sleep! I will post more tomorrow. To all of our family we miss and love you. I will post more pictures tomorrow.