Friday, August 14, 2009

{Where does the time go}

It seems like yesterday I went into the OB for my first weekly exam and I was sent to the hospital with contractions! Well, here we are 9 years later and I have the most wonderful little man in the world. He is kind and sweet, yet still a boy! He loves to make jokes and laugh. He loves being in Scouts, outdoors, and science of any kind. He is smart and inquisitive and just an over all a joy to have in my life. Not a day goes by that I am not TRULY grateful for my son. I guess if you are only going to have one, do it right! LOL not for lack of trying, but he seems destin to be an only child! Well today he woke up to his first present which was ripped open with sleepy eyes and bed head so he requested NO pictures Mom! Ugh also when did Mommy stop and Mom start!!! I really want to know why that bothers me so much! Well back to the present it was Aero Smith for the Guitar Hero Wii. He looks at Daddy and I with this huge grin and saying how did you know I REALLY wanted this. Now this is the kid that NEVER and I am not just saying that, he never asks for anything. Christmas and Birthdays are a nightmare for me and my HUGE extended family when it comes to shopping for him. Well finally something he really wanted! Wink Wink, Mom and Dad listen so ANYTIME he mentions even the littlest of things we take note. Well the morning went well so far and he gets to choose the dinner location tonight. He and Daddy are going to spend the day at home, while Mommy works. Oh well. This Saturday we get to spend the day with Family at Mom and Dad's the kids always have a blast with Memaw and Papa so everyone is excited. BBQ and pool what could be better! I will post pics of the merriment! So I want to wish Aaron Michael a wonderful 9th Birthday!
So how is it you go from this to this in the blink of an eye. It is all the tears, smiles, and laughter in between that makes the journey all worth while! Happy Birthday A, and remember Mommy loves you all the world and back again and even to the moon!

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Thanks for the wonderful inspiration! Here's a blog award for you!