Friday, October 29, 2010


So I have been on this weight loss journey for 42 weeks and I am down 52lbs.  On average I am losing 1.24 pounds a week.  Not too shabby.  I have found that I get more inspired everyday to maintain the loss.  I NEVER want to be heavy again.  It is way too hard to get rid of it as you get older.  I have a couple of new pictures to remind myself of where I came from and never want to get back to and some newer ones of where I am.  Though the newest is my NEW employee photo, therefore YUCK it does show the weight loss.  Yeah!  I have to say that I have the MOST supportive husband, son, and family/friends in general.  They are constantly giving praises and encouragement.  I have discovered that having the support of family and friends makes the fight a lot easier.  My cousin asked me just yesterday what made me want to change.  I had to sit and think about it really.  I recall it was like a light switch, I think that my health, though not bad, was the main issue.  I want to be around for my son for a very long time.  You may get hit by a bus tomorrow and that you can not control, but your health and weight is very much all you.  Getting it under control was something I had to do.  Lets face it, NO ONE wants to be fat.  Being healthy is major, major concern, but I am not going to lie, being able to fit into "normal" clothes is a huge plus!!! 
I have a pair of jeans from high school and my goal is to fit into them again.  Really I want to be less than that, but I will take that too.  If anyone out there reading this is wanting to lose weight, is losing, or has lost, please share your story.  Hearing how others have done it or are doing it will help those that want to, but are afraid!  I have been overweight for so many years; even after losing the weight I still often see myself as FAT!  Not that I am skinny, but I have come a very long way.  I feel that overweight people are often judged without being heard.  I understand that first, visual impressions, are what most people base everything on about a person.  Though really first impressions should not be about looks, but about how a person is, acts, treats you and others etc.  It saddens me that just because a person is heavier than what others think is acceptable they immediately turn the other way without getting to know them, like I said before, do you really think they WANT to be that way.  I honestly can not remember a day when I woke-up and thought, oh great I did not lose an ounce, thank God I am still fat! Often there could be medical issues etc., that without getting to know them you would never know about.  Sorry to be on my soap box, but with the recent news about a blogger stating that fat people make her uncomfortable, or something to that nature; it really made me angry.  With new shows like Mike and Molly on the air or even the wonderful shows like Ruby and Too Fat for 15; at least these shows are showing the struggle to lose weight.  The world have more people in that look like them, than "perfect" people.  Again I know this is more a rant than a true blog post, but hey it is my blog post even if no one reads it, I feel much better getting it off my chest!
I would like to wish everyone a super safe Halloween.  Until my next post, stay healthy and happy!



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