Thursday, December 16, 2010

{long time no post}

I have been crazy busy with school, work, and family. Since I last posted I have sold my Canon Rebel and purchased the Canon T2i and LOVE IT!!!!  I have begged all of my family members to let me take pictures of them to practice shooting in manual.  So far so good I have had a few brave volunteers.  I have also started a new blog, you can find it here....Newest Blog....  I love taking pictures whether with my big camera or with my phone.  This blog is dedicated to taking a picture with my cell phone at least once and day and posting it. If you would like to join me please hop over and join and post pics I will put them into the blog post the following day.  Please date your photos and offer a brief descritpion.  Well here is what I have been snapping lately.  Let me know what you think.
3D Ty

I really love this one!!!


Beautiful Family

Mommy and Daddy Love

Twins - wish this was in focus more - must keep practicing - but gives you the emotion i was looking for


Again wish more in focus but actually is one of my favs!  I call it Independence!

Love this one!