Friday, June 26, 2009

{In Search of....}

Ok first of all I need to get rid of the white behind the signature and make my name larger. I am just learning about layers and loving it.
So now on to the real reason for the post. I am looking for a large butterfly handheld punch. Or one to use with the cuttle bug. Anyone have any recommendations? I want to use this on a layout and the only one I have is this one by Martha Stewart. While it is very cute it is too small for the 12x12 layout. Great for cards though. So anyone that has some ideas please let me know.
Also check out my favorite local stores updated blog ~
Cherry Blossom Studio make sure you say hello to Michelle, the owner. She is super sweet. If you are in the local area you must stop in her store is beautiful and she has GREAT weekend and day crops!
Well it is Friday and NOT sunny in my area of South Florida. I think that getting some cropping done tonight is in order. It seems like forever since I have made an actual LO. I have some wonderful pictures on my desk and really need to get them done.
Hey if any of you have a new paper lines that you just love can you post a comment of what they are? I am looking to branch out and try some new companies. I am looking at Jenni Bowlin and American Crafts I just can not find them locally. Well that is it for now I have to get back to my real job. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

{Today is a sad day}

I am a child of the 70's and 80's, not to reveal my age, but today we lost two of the people I grew up watching and listening to. First Farrah Fawcett and now Michael Jackson! It is crazy. I can not believe it. I used to watch Charlie's Angels religiously and even had their dolls. As for Michael Jackson, I remember running home from school to watch the Thriller video on MTV. I am just
Very sad at the whole thing. RIP Michael and Farrah.

On a lighter note, I have done some shopping at Cherry Blossom Studio and I must say the Basic Grey is wayyyyyyy tooooo cute. I got quite a bit of it, but here are some samples of just how cute the stuff it. The colors are wonder. I am going to try and get some stuff made this weekend. I have a layout swimming around in my head, now just to get it out and the paper glued down.

Ok so as I am typing my little one comes up and sits down next to me and sees the picture of Michael Jackson and ask who he is. He said oh I have never seen him except in its a small world where he is painting the ceiling. Ok now that is funny. I have to stop my sadness and laugh and explain that he is Michael Angelo. After I stop giggling! So what is it they say, out of the mouths of babes. The only way he really knows MJ is from Guitar Hero and the Beat It song, just has never seen him.
Well my thoughts and prayers are with the families of Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I forgot to mention on the last post that the men in my life are wonderful. They bought me more charms for my Brighton Bracelet for my birthday and took me out to dinner at The Outback! How cute are they? It was a very nice night despite the fact that I had class! Don't they know that it is my birthday and that is reason to cancel class? :) Oh well. Here are the other 2 cards I made from the Twopeasinabucket class. I am off to catch up on the year in cards and I will post the ones I make. I feel terrible that I have not scrapped lately, but the card making is instant gratification and the cards can be completed relatively quickly.

Ok now these have to be the cutest ever and they fit a gift card perfectly. These were ones that I made for hubby, Father's day! I am itching to make many more. I mean really when was the last time you bought someone an actual present. I have been doing money and gift cards forever. The double sided paper is perfect for these cards/envelopes. Still need to find a tutorial on bow making! You know I think I even mentioned Father's Day last post except in the post and I did not take ONE photo the entire weekend! I was really BAD! We had a nice Sunday at my parent's house. We celebrated father's day with my dad and my father-in-law, my husband's birthday, and mine! Was a busy day - being that we are in SO FL it is HOT and we were in the pool for a good portion of the afternoon. My sister-in-law, {the best eva} and I supervised the kids. The water was VERY WARM - {think bath water} almost not refreshing, but we were in the pool and the kids had a blast! My dad recently had shoulder surgery so we just hung around their house and relaxed. It was really nice and I think that is why there are NO photos to document the day. I was relaxed for once, no all consumed with getting that perfect shot! Oh well next family gathering. I did make the cutest burgers for the guys. I have to post the pics of those. They are too freaking cute! And I still need to down load the scout event pictures. Until then, check out the twopeasinabucket educational classes!
Ok here are the cutest little hamburgers, without tops on them, that I made for Father's Day. They came out very cute and very pretty tastey I must say. Once the tops were on you really could not tell that they were NOT hamburgers!

Monday, June 22, 2009

{Birthday and Father's Day Weekend}

Well this weekend was a crazy busy weekend. I got nothing done except playing and crafting and it was wonderful.

I found inspiration, Kristina Werner, she is teaching great classes and her video's are the bomb. I am in love with her work! I am on a roll - making these little cuties for future occassions. They are too cute. I need some serious work on the bow making part of it. I used some of my new Unity Stamps for the cards - I freaking love these stamps - they stamp so clean and clear. The Basic Grey letters are wonderful for these little gift card holders. Well I will post more later I have to get back to work! LOL. I have 2 more craft items to post; as well as some pictures from a scout event. Have a great week!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer Time Fun! {Picture Heavy}

Here in South Florida the heat has come on with a vengeance. We started the summer off with my son coming down with a terrible sinus infection complete with fever and all. Poor thing missed 3 days of scout camp and he was really upset. Well after a visit to the dr. and a ban from the pool for a week! We got to start our real summer. A trip to the zoo {freaking hot} I must really love my kid. We got some great pictures.
This little guy was so angry, another bird had thrown his nest into the water
Say hello to my little friend. :)
Ok, a trained chicken really could anything be funnier?
This peacock was so beautiful. As my friend Tammy pointed out I must scrap this picture!
This owl was just so pretty in real life. I love owls and with all the new stamps out I really must scrap this little fellow!
Well at the end of the day it was all about this little guy. He was feeling pretty puny after this and since his sinus infection was not gone yet the heat got the best of him and we left shortly after. Mom was pretty happy with his idea. It was over 90 degrees by this point. Well this is the start to our summer. This weekend is father's day and tomorrow is my 39th!, ugh that just about killed me to say it, Birthday! We will be going to my parent's house to celebrate both occasions with the family. I hope to get some great pictures and will post my father's day gifts and cards. Making something cute that I saw another person's blog while blog stalking. I will find it and post a link here tomorrow. Well off to bed, at 38.9 I really need my rest! :)