Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I forgot to mention on the last post that the men in my life are wonderful. They bought me more charms for my Brighton Bracelet for my birthday and took me out to dinner at The Outback! How cute are they? It was a very nice night despite the fact that I had class! Don't they know that it is my birthday and that is reason to cancel class? :) Oh well. Here are the other 2 cards I made from the Twopeasinabucket class. I am off to catch up on the year in cards and I will post the ones I make. I feel terrible that I have not scrapped lately, but the card making is instant gratification and the cards can be completed relatively quickly.

Ok now these have to be the cutest ever and they fit a gift card perfectly. These were ones that I made for hubby, Father's day! I am itching to make many more. I mean really when was the last time you bought someone an actual present. I have been doing money and gift cards forever. The double sided paper is perfect for these cards/envelopes. Still need to find a tutorial on bow making! You know I think I even mentioned Father's Day last post except in the post and I did not take ONE photo the entire weekend! I was really BAD! We had a nice Sunday at my parent's house. We celebrated father's day with my dad and my father-in-law, my husband's birthday, and mine! Was a busy day - being that we are in SO FL it is HOT and we were in the pool for a good portion of the afternoon. My sister-in-law, {the best eva} and I supervised the kids. The water was VERY WARM - {think bath water} almost not refreshing, but we were in the pool and the kids had a blast! My dad recently had shoulder surgery so we just hung around their house and relaxed. It was really nice and I think that is why there are NO photos to document the day. I was relaxed for once, no all consumed with getting that perfect shot! Oh well next family gathering. I did make the cutest burgers for the guys. I have to post the pics of those. They are too freaking cute! And I still need to down load the scout event pictures. Until then, check out the twopeasinabucket educational classes!
Ok here are the cutest little hamburgers, without tops on them, that I made for Father's Day. They came out very cute and very pretty tastey I must say. Once the tops were on you really could not tell that they were NOT hamburgers!

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