Monday, September 28, 2009

{Busy Weekend, lots of shopping}

Well my weekend started off with a nice night with my me and my hubby.  My Mom and Dad took my son and my 3 nephews for the night and most of Saturday.  AHHHHH relaxing at its finest.  Saturday my friend Tammy and I decided to go and check out one of the LSS and wow was it wonderful.  They had a ton of beautiful items, so much EYE CANDY!!!!  Ribbon......Prima flowers and papers......American Crafts...... well let me just say a little too much money later and we were happy campers!  After leaving the store in pouring down rain, yes did I mention we live in the sun shine state.....  well off to get my son.  Now mind you my parents have had 4 boys since Friday after school ranging in the ages from 3-9.  Here is what I found,

One second without rain and they are in the pool using their otter spotters.  The two oldest, both 9
The boys were over to decorate with my Mom for Fall/halloween.  Though come to find out in South FL, where it is still 81 degrees at 7AM, the pumpkin patches are not open yet, so this was as far as they got.

Mom was only able to use the "fake" pumpkins so far.  The boys all agreed it needed more "color"  too much

This is a window they decorated with handmade decorations.  Notice there is no Treat after the Trick O'.  This is what you get with 4 boys and short attention spans.  I had to laugh. 

Here is the other half of the window
Mom and Dad have been doing an amazing job of remodeling the house and I am just loving it.  This time of year the late afternoon sunlight is just beautiful coming in the back of the house.  This is the dinning room.

I think the kitchen is my most favorite.  My Mom has an amazing eye for details.  My parents home is extremely warm and inviting and it still feels like home to me!
Well that was my Saturday and it was FUN!!!   Sunday I got a surprise text from Tammy asking if I was up for another journey to more LSS.  Really did she have to ask!  LOL.  So off we were again!  More eye candy more money spent!!!  Ugh we are NOT good together. :)  All in all a GREAT weekend.  Tammy already started creating.  Her new cards are FANTABULOUS!  Tonight after cleaning my scraproom I will start getting crafty.  Can not wait. 
Oh wait I know this is a photo heavy post, but I can not forget to show my son and his friends getting their scouting "Bling" as the Cubmaster calls it, for all the accomplishments they made this summer!

Sorry for the poor pictures throughout the entire post, they were taken with my point and shoot and UGH!!!  Oh well you get the idea of what a great weekend we had!  Hope yours was just a swell!!! 

Friday, September 25, 2009

{Friends with Flair and Support our Troops}

Happy Friday to all.  It has been an extremely long week.  Our kitty cat is still healing and we have been spoon/force feeding her for a week. Today is the first day she is acting semi-normal.  I hope this is a good sign.  Though only time will tell.  We are praying that she makes a full recovery.  Thanks for all your prayers and calls.  Sasha is a true member of our family.  On another note my son Aaron is a Webelo Scout this year and his Pack is selling Popcorn as a fund raiser.  I really HATE fundraisers and normally have him hit up the close family for support, but this year the Popcorn company we are using has an option for making a Military Donation, this will send Popcorn to the troops overseas.  It gives them a little bit of home and comfort.  It is a nice treat for those men and women who are protecting our freedoms.  So if anyone is interested in sending popcorn to the troops and helping Aaron's pack please follow this link and Aaron's scout number is 3067142 the name that comes up is Aaron R.  We really appreciate your support. 
Now on to my cards for the week.

Ok I did post this one on Sunday, but I ended up coloring in the heart.  I did it with water color pencils and you can see it is still a little wet in the picture. :) I love this stamp.  I used the Cosmo Cricket Earth Love for this one. This paper rawks.

No Stamping on this one, but used the Mojo Monday sketch for it.  Basic grey paper and embellishments, White polka dot paper is from Making Memories

I love how simple this card is, but how cute it came out.  This is what you get when you are super tired, but need that one card for the next day!  Unity Stamps, Papertrey Kraft paper, misc. ribbon, Water colored with ink and a waterbrush pen.

This card uses the new Unity grainy background stamp and the mojo monday sketch.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope everyone has a great weekend.  In South Florida we are still waiting for Fall to get here, but for those of you with fall in the air go out and enjoy it.  My parents are taking all 4 grandkids this weekend - all boys - ranging from 3-9. Hubby and I get a night out and we still do not know what to do.  Decisions Decisions. I am sure we will figure something out. 

Sunday, September 20, 2009

{Busy Crazy Weekend}

Well this past week has been an emotional one. Our Kitty Sasha has been extremely ill. We had to make a decision about putting her to sleep or trying surgery and praying for the best.  We have had her for 17 years and she is totally a member of our family.  So after MANY tears we decided to try surgery.  Well, we have her home since Friday night and there are times I am not sure we made the right decision, but force feeding for now and 6 meds a day is hopefully going to work.  I really can not imagine putting her down.  It would break our hearts.
Well to take my mind off things I got busy scrapping.  Sasha was in the animal hospital for 2 nights and it was very hard coming home to an empty home.  Here are the fruits of my labor. 

I am really addicted to using up my scraps for butterflies

I got this pumpkin from Kristina Werner - I am still working on the Ghost and other adorable Halloween card using Cosmo Cricket Papers

This is my first EVA 8 1/2 x 11 Layout.  I used Cosmo Cricket Earth Love papers.  They are VERY cute!!!!  This is me when I was 3 years old! Wow a very long time ago. :(

I bought the little pad of papers from the Earth Love collection and they are perfect for making cards.  I used the Unity Stamp for the sentiment.  This design is also from Kristina Werner.  I have to say she is the Card Making QUEEN! Thanks to her I am back to using stamps and making cards.  I really Love it.  Well thanks for looking.

Friday, September 18, 2009

{Unity Friends with Flair}

Hello all here are my entries for this weeks Unity Friends with Flair. I have to say having this blog hop has really gotten me into the scrapping/stamping mode and I am loving it. This card and LO are also for my DT kit at Cherry Blossom Studio.
For the card I used the Unity Stamp Floral Friends the sentiment from July KOM. I love them ALL. I used the sketch from Kristina Werner for this one.
For the Layout I used the Scrapbook Collage Le Chic Vintage, which was such a great kit it is sold out! Just goes to show how great the product is. Well I hope you enjoyed this weeks creations. It really is fun creating with Unity Stamps. I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

{New Layout}

I was asked by my good friend Tammy to rejoin the DT for Cherry Blossom Studio. Thanks Tammy. This week I got my first kit and went right to work. I could not wait to use the papers in the kit. Cosmo Cricket Earth Love. This collection is just way too cute. Here is one of the Layouts I did for the store. The others will have to wait until Friday. I have also been working on some cards with this set. I am going to be using some of Kristina Werners sketches. She is the BOMB!!! Really got me back into card making.
I did this LO using the 52 Sketches 52 weeks #37 sketch. I think it turned out pretty darn cute. The journalling spot is from Unity Stamps and the paper used for it is from Cosmo Cricket - though the Girl Friday Line I believe. Matched very well. The card is one I lifted from Shannon Zickle.
Well I have taken this semester off from classes and I have to say I am using it wisely. I made a schedule for the week which includes scrapping time for Me! Being a working wife and mommy sometimes I seem to get into the rut of all housework and mom duties and NO me time. I can get cranky!!! Well I am hoping to try and balance all of that out. So far so good, though I did start off a little slow. Any working Mom's out there tend to feel guilty for sitting in your craft room? I am trying to work in time after the little one has gone to bed. It really is a stress reliever for me and I feel that when I am done and relaxed everyone is happier. The house is clean, dinner is done, laundry in the dryer, and me in my craft room. The thing I enjoy the most about it is that my hubby and I share the office space and he works in there with me and we laugh a lot, chit chat, and have some fun while both of us are working. I admit though when I wear my Zune and listen to music it drives him crazy because I SING!!!! lol He does not find this amusing, funny how I do.... Well to all you Mom's out there, I recommend getting a schedule going and pencil in some YOU time! Enjoy your Tuesday. I will be posting more layouts and cards this week! Check out Unity Friends with Flair on Friday. This is a very fun hop and you get GREAT ideas.Photobucket

Sunday, September 13, 2009

{Weekend Goodies}

So I had a great time doing the Unity Friends with Flair. I hope to participate again this week too. It really gets me moving and using the stuff I buy. Well this weekend was a busy one. Besides being sick as a DAWG and losing my voice I got a lot done. I made some more cards, went to Michael's and picked up some new punches, went to my LSS, and even began working on a new LO. I will post it later in the week. I also made some YUMMY cupcakes on Saturday. They ended up looking so pretty I just had to take some photos.
See I mean really how could you not want to eat these? Coconut Cup Cakes dressed up girly. Being the only girl in the house I have to get my pink in anywhere I can. Hope everyone had a great weekend. It is officially now Monday here in South FL so I am off to bed to get ready for a FULL week at work. Thanks again to all of the loverly ladies who left praise for my Unity Friends with Flair Cards! The talent on that hop is amazing. For those who are reading this blog and do not know about Unity you must check them out.

Friday, September 11, 2009

{Unity Friends with Flair}

September 11th a Day of Rememberance Hello all welcome to Unity's Friends with Flair. I am excited to be a part of it this week. This is my first time doing a blog hop of any kind. Here are some simple cards I made last night using Unity Stamps. I have to say I received the scrap kit, LeChic Vintage and LOVE IT. The ink and papers were perfect and the stamps, well they are perfect for both scrapping and card making. If you click here it is my post using the kit for a LO and here are the cards I made.

After you are done here click back to Unity Blog for the list of other Friends with Flair. Enjoy your day. Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

{FaceBook the Addiction}

Ok so who else is addicted to FaceBook? I mean this darn Farmville has me on it all the time. Will I miss the blooming of my crops before they whither and die? Will I get enough neighbors to increase the size of my plot of land? Why do I find it necessary to check on the status of my "friends" every half hour? It seems that I just can not stop. It is so bad that most of us have it on our phones too. What makes it such an addicting "sport"? There are old people, young people, and those of us in between trying to rekindle the feeling of our wonderful high school days. Days that we remember as being the best, but only when compared to having to now work and pay bills. Awe if we could just go back to that time we would do so much better, right? WRONG! We would still go back and have FUN! Really that is why we look back on it with such fond memories right. Football games, pep rallies, dances, parties, drinking games etc. I mean really it was fun right?? Part time jobs paying just enough to make a used car payment, insurance, and gas with just enough left over to go to the movies and dinner with your friends on the weekends.
I LOVE Flair. It really gives you the chance to tell people all about you. LOL Well maybe not that deep, but they are cute and pretty. You can pick what you like and possibly what you believe in. There are flairs out there for everyone. Religions, Political, Rights, wrongs, LOL, Twilight, actors, food, coffee, and even hobbies the list goes on.....
FB is everywhere!While on vacation we were in Pittsburgh, PA and went into Houlihan's (see you can find anything) in Station Square for dinner. When the waitress brought our drinks she set them on coasters that I really did not give too much thought to until I took a sip of my tea. Well what did I see the coast was about FB. LOL It said even old people are on FB. Well I had this idea to go a whole scrapbook page about my addiction. I have even been collecting flair to print out and add to the whole addiction part of the LO. Who else is with me on the FB craze?

From my flair you now know that I love coffee, even in cool shapes, that i sometimes tell my child to go watch TV cuz Mommy is on FB seeing what other people are doing or farming, I believe in peace and monkeys, (or could that be the coffee in the shape of a monkey), I love owls, have a shoe fetish, and love my crafts, especially Unity Stamps. See you can learn a lot about a person in some flair. So yes I have decided to work through my FB Addiction with a scrapbook page. Maybe seeing my crazy obsession laid out for all the world to see will show me just how addicted I am? Maybe it will tell me I need a 12 step program to separate myself from it. Alas I think not, it will however, make a really cool scrapbook layout though. Another obsession of mine! LOL
Well I challenge all of you blog stalkers to do a FB LO or something you are obessed about and post a link to it in the comment section. This should be fun!!!! or atleast humorous!

Friday, September 4, 2009

{Unity Scrap Kit}

Can I just say this kit is fantabulous. My friend Tammy told me that hers had already arrived and I had to run and see if mine had too. Well low and behold it had. I ripped open the box and just had to touch and feel it all. I love the ink it is yummy. The papers are just so pretty. I have been unable to get my hands on JilliBean Soup and have to say they are beautiful. I am never disappointed with Cosmo Cricket. If you have not tried any of the Unity Stamps you are really missing out. Here is the first LO that I did tonight with my new kit. I love how it came out the colors are wonderful.
I will post more items this weekend I am sure. I really LOVE this kit. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend.


Thursday, September 3, 2009

{Waiting for the mailman} ok really stalking

I received confirmation that my latest order from Unity has shipped. I pre-ordered their new scrapbook pack. This comes complete with stamps, paper, and ink! The papers are from Jilli-Bean Soup and Cosmo Cricket. I can not wait for it to get here.
I am off to Wal-Mart today to get my pictures from vacation, they finally arrived at the store. I tried to save a little $$ by having them not printed in the one hour mode. Though I am not usually able to wait and need that instant gratification; it did not take as long as I thought. LOL Well hopefully tonight I can sneak in some scrapping time between loads of laundry.
Well here it is the newest purchase.

How can you not love it. You have to see how people have already used it in their DT gallery. It really sold me. Go here and check them out. Their stamps are wonderful and I can only imagine what their inks will be like. They have a really cool blog too check it out.
Well I hope everyone enjoys their Thursday. Only one more full day of work then look out 3 day weekend. Though it is only the 2nd week of school here I think we are all looking forward to the 3 days off in a row. LOL I think we are all still on summer time.