Monday, September 28, 2009

{Busy Weekend, lots of shopping}

Well my weekend started off with a nice night with my me and my hubby.  My Mom and Dad took my son and my 3 nephews for the night and most of Saturday.  AHHHHH relaxing at its finest.  Saturday my friend Tammy and I decided to go and check out one of the LSS and wow was it wonderful.  They had a ton of beautiful items, so much EYE CANDY!!!!  Ribbon......Prima flowers and papers......American Crafts...... well let me just say a little too much money later and we were happy campers!  After leaving the store in pouring down rain, yes did I mention we live in the sun shine state.....  well off to get my son.  Now mind you my parents have had 4 boys since Friday after school ranging in the ages from 3-9.  Here is what I found,

One second without rain and they are in the pool using their otter spotters.  The two oldest, both 9
The boys were over to decorate with my Mom for Fall/halloween.  Though come to find out in South FL, where it is still 81 degrees at 7AM, the pumpkin patches are not open yet, so this was as far as they got.

Mom was only able to use the "fake" pumpkins so far.  The boys all agreed it needed more "color"  too much

This is a window they decorated with handmade decorations.  Notice there is no Treat after the Trick O'.  This is what you get with 4 boys and short attention spans.  I had to laugh. 

Here is the other half of the window
Mom and Dad have been doing an amazing job of remodeling the house and I am just loving it.  This time of year the late afternoon sunlight is just beautiful coming in the back of the house.  This is the dinning room.

I think the kitchen is my most favorite.  My Mom has an amazing eye for details.  My parents home is extremely warm and inviting and it still feels like home to me!
Well that was my Saturday and it was FUN!!!   Sunday I got a surprise text from Tammy asking if I was up for another journey to more LSS.  Really did she have to ask!  LOL.  So off we were again!  More eye candy more money spent!!!  Ugh we are NOT good together. :)  All in all a GREAT weekend.  Tammy already started creating.  Her new cards are FANTABULOUS!  Tonight after cleaning my scraproom I will start getting crafty.  Can not wait. 
Oh wait I know this is a photo heavy post, but I can not forget to show my son and his friends getting their scouting "Bling" as the Cubmaster calls it, for all the accomplishments they made this summer!

Sorry for the poor pictures throughout the entire post, they were taken with my point and shoot and UGH!!!  Oh well you get the idea of what a great weekend we had!  Hope yours was just a swell!!! 

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