Thursday, September 10, 2009

{FaceBook the Addiction}

Ok so who else is addicted to FaceBook? I mean this darn Farmville has me on it all the time. Will I miss the blooming of my crops before they whither and die? Will I get enough neighbors to increase the size of my plot of land? Why do I find it necessary to check on the status of my "friends" every half hour? It seems that I just can not stop. It is so bad that most of us have it on our phones too. What makes it such an addicting "sport"? There are old people, young people, and those of us in between trying to rekindle the feeling of our wonderful high school days. Days that we remember as being the best, but only when compared to having to now work and pay bills. Awe if we could just go back to that time we would do so much better, right? WRONG! We would still go back and have FUN! Really that is why we look back on it with such fond memories right. Football games, pep rallies, dances, parties, drinking games etc. I mean really it was fun right?? Part time jobs paying just enough to make a used car payment, insurance, and gas with just enough left over to go to the movies and dinner with your friends on the weekends.
I LOVE Flair. It really gives you the chance to tell people all about you. LOL Well maybe not that deep, but they are cute and pretty. You can pick what you like and possibly what you believe in. There are flairs out there for everyone. Religions, Political, Rights, wrongs, LOL, Twilight, actors, food, coffee, and even hobbies the list goes on.....
FB is everywhere!While on vacation we were in Pittsburgh, PA and went into Houlihan's (see you can find anything) in Station Square for dinner. When the waitress brought our drinks she set them on coasters that I really did not give too much thought to until I took a sip of my tea. Well what did I see the coast was about FB. LOL It said even old people are on FB. Well I had this idea to go a whole scrapbook page about my addiction. I have even been collecting flair to print out and add to the whole addiction part of the LO. Who else is with me on the FB craze?

From my flair you now know that I love coffee, even in cool shapes, that i sometimes tell my child to go watch TV cuz Mommy is on FB seeing what other people are doing or farming, I believe in peace and monkeys, (or could that be the coffee in the shape of a monkey), I love owls, have a shoe fetish, and love my crafts, especially Unity Stamps. See you can learn a lot about a person in some flair. So yes I have decided to work through my FB Addiction with a scrapbook page. Maybe seeing my crazy obsession laid out for all the world to see will show me just how addicted I am? Maybe it will tell me I need a 12 step program to separate myself from it. Alas I think not, it will however, make a really cool scrapbook layout though. Another obsession of mine! LOL
Well I challenge all of you blog stalkers to do a FB LO or something you are obessed about and post a link to it in the comment section. This should be fun!!!! or atleast humorous!

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