Wednesday, September 2, 2009

{Happy Birthday to my Dad and Brother}

I always tell my Dad(step) that the only reason my Mom married him was becuase he shared a birthday with my brother, Mike. LOL They are two of the coolest men I know. I love you both very much. Hope you have enjoyed your day! Saturday we will be celebrating with the family and I can not wait to hang out and have a great time.
These pictures show just what kind of guys they are. Both family men. Guess they are both cut from the same cloth. Great parents just tend to rub off! Well enough of the mushy stuff I can go on and on about my family I sure do love them lots. Welll here are some POOR pictures of some quick cards I made the other night. I will try and take some more tomorrow and repost. These were taken with my phone.

Wow they are reallllly bad. I will post them again tomorrow. Well today was just another day. Nothing fantabulous to report. I hope everyone had a wonder Wednesday and tomorrow I get to pick up my photos from our vacation and get scrapping. I can not wait to pick them up. I have so many ideas in my head. Hope I actually get them onto the paper.

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