Sunday, March 29, 2009


Well this week has gone by extremely fast! Starting back with classes this week was a drag, I really enjoyed the 10 days between semesters. This semester I am taking Ethics and Finance. So far both very interesting. Aaron had us busy with scouts this week. The boys are making a very cool project to display tomorrow at the Pack Meeting I will post pictures of that some time next week. I have done ABSOLUTELY NO SCRAPPING in a few weeks! Not sure where my Mojo went! Here are the ones I did at the crop a few weeks ago.

The two sassafras LO's were inspired by Vicki Boutin and the cover of one of the Sassafras paper packs I got at Michael's. The Fancy Pants LO is my favorite. The papers are wonderful. The tree was made out of felt. The sheets are very nice a sturdy and I love the colors they offer. Once my hubby is available I will take better pictures with his camera. Well off to watch a movie with my little guy. Have a great Sunday!

Monday, March 23, 2009

My last free Monday

and I have NOT taken advantage of not having classes, I have not scrapped or made any cards like I wanted to. Instead all I have done is Blog Stalked - gotten very good ideas. I never even posted the LO's I did at the last day crop I went to. Still working on that too. Well I was reading my good friend LaVerne's Blog, when I was cracking up at her concern and question of how people keep a clean house, scrap, blog, parent, and work. Well all I have to say in response to that is this.

This is my laundry chair and it was EXTREMELY full this weekend. I just keep doing loads upon loads of laundry - folding and waiting for someone to put them away. In fact I think this picture will soon become a LO. You can see the hanging items on another chair in the background! I am happy to say though the house did get cleaned this weekend. Bathrooms and all. Now just to put ALL of the laundry away. Hanging items are the only thing done so far.

Well my lil one - the scout - has had a project this week taking pictures that will soon be printed and shown at an "Art Show" at the next pack meeting. So far these are a few of my favorites that he has taken with a small point and shoot camera. Not too bad. These are not doctored up.

I was able to take Aaron bowling yesterday with a friend and we had a good time. A and I spent Friday night and Saturday at my Mom's house. She is house bond with an injured foot so we kept her company while my Dad was out of town. The weekend went way to quick! And for my honey who I hope reads this. This was our week in review! We love you miss you lots and love you more. Here is a crazy picture of your son! Look at that face. It is like pulling teeth to get that kid to be serious!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A wonderful weekend looks like this....

This weekend started really on Friday when the sky looked like this. It was so beautiful that I just had to take a picture.

That afternoon I went to see my little president in action. Ladies and Gentlemen I would like to introduce you to James Madison our 4th president. He was too freaking cute. I made him a wig out of cotton balls and everyone just loved it!

Saturday I spent ALL day and into the night scrapping. I will post the LO's tomorrow after getting some good sun to photograph them in.
Aaron was spending the weekend at his Grandparents house and when I went to get him on Sunday morning I was greeted with this...
How pretty are they? He picked them in my Mom's wild flower garden.
I also took this picture leaving my parents home after dropping off the little one. I just stuck the camera out of the window and snapped the picture.
I want to do a LO and a lot of journaling about how you can look back, or you can always go home. Something like that. It will come to me. I truly have the BEST parents in the world and want to show that in a LO and give it to them as a gift.
Sunday was a very relaxing day, after a few short errands Aaron and I got on our bikes and rode to the pool in our community. It was just gorgeous out today in Sunny So. FL
Here is Aaron swimming and basking in the sun.
After we got home I washed our fresh grapes and we snacked on some and had a berry smoothie.
I took Aaron out for icecream tonight at Cold Stone. On our way there we saw the space shuttle take off. It was soooo clear out tonight that it was just amazing to see it in the setting sun! This picture was taken from my phone so the it is not the best, but what an cool sight with the sunset hitting the smoke!

All in All we had a great weekend. I hope yours was just as relaxing and wonderful as ours was.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Star Date - {Monday 030909} -

The title is on honor of my hubby who LOVES Star Trek - yes I am married to a trekkie! And I {heart} him. Well I have not forgotten about the OPI, I have not found the right color yet. I will hopefully have it nailed down {pun intended}, by this week. Well I have been a crazy woman getting my last week of classes done with. One more paper to finish and I am free for 2 whole weeks! Yeah. I have a day crop this weekend and can not wait. I am going to be working on old pictures of my son from when we was a baby, since I looked back on all my pages from then and all I can say is, UGH! So I am going to print out some of the best photos and scrap away. I mean really look at this face how can I not!
He was too freaking cute and the scrapping needs to do it justice. We were watching videos of him when he was little and he could not believe it was him. His personality has NOT changed at all. And yes he wears clothes now. That kid hated clothes when he was little. As soon as he was in the house he striped down to the diaper and that was it. We worried that when he went to preschool he would want to strip to his diaper. LOL thank God that never happened.
I really want another baby! Watching these videos makes it worse. Of course my hubby thought my son would say hi at such a young age {3 Months}, but hey aren't all of our kids genius'? He really loved those rocking horses on the sheets.{smile} . Well this weekend I was at my favorite store and found these too cute coffee mugs, that match a bin that I have, the designer is Orla Keily, I believe, her stuff is too cute.

I got one in each color, the darker one is actually brown and very cute. They are pretty weighty too, nice mugs. I got a crate similar to the brown one. I use it to hold dish towels. They are really cute. The colors work great in the new kitchen.
Well I guess this is not too scrappy today, but I have been to busy to create much and nothing is finished. After this weekend I hope to have a ton to show. Have a great day! I will post as soon as I get the polish. Thanks again for all the color ideas.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Well I am supposed to be getting my house ready for In-laws and dinner, but here I am blogging! Oh well. I was up scrapping last night with the new line from Fancy Pants. Kraft Kuts. I LOVE it. The papers and cuts out are too cute. It works well with the Kraft paper from Bazzil. Here is a LO I did of my cousin's little boy. I hope to do many more of him with this paper line.

I also made some changes to the "Just Magic" LO. I did not like the wording in the journaling or the way the MAGIC did not really stand out on the page when photographed so I popped up some journaling and outlined the MAGIC in brown. I think it looks better now.

Well off to clean bathrooms and mop..... Then entertain the in-laws. Wish me luck! If I get a reprieve to make some cards with that cute line I will try and post later, if not have a GREAT Sunday and enjoy your family. If you live in South Florida try not to get blown away, it is windy out there!