Monday, March 9, 2009

Star Date - {Monday 030909} -

The title is on honor of my hubby who LOVES Star Trek - yes I am married to a trekkie! And I {heart} him. Well I have not forgotten about the OPI, I have not found the right color yet. I will hopefully have it nailed down {pun intended}, by this week. Well I have been a crazy woman getting my last week of classes done with. One more paper to finish and I am free for 2 whole weeks! Yeah. I have a day crop this weekend and can not wait. I am going to be working on old pictures of my son from when we was a baby, since I looked back on all my pages from then and all I can say is, UGH! So I am going to print out some of the best photos and scrap away. I mean really look at this face how can I not!
He was too freaking cute and the scrapping needs to do it justice. We were watching videos of him when he was little and he could not believe it was him. His personality has NOT changed at all. And yes he wears clothes now. That kid hated clothes when he was little. As soon as he was in the house he striped down to the diaper and that was it. We worried that when he went to preschool he would want to strip to his diaper. LOL thank God that never happened.
I really want another baby! Watching these videos makes it worse. Of course my hubby thought my son would say hi at such a young age {3 Months}, but hey aren't all of our kids genius'? He really loved those rocking horses on the sheets.{smile} . Well this weekend I was at my favorite store and found these too cute coffee mugs, that match a bin that I have, the designer is Orla Keily, I believe, her stuff is too cute.

I got one in each color, the darker one is actually brown and very cute. They are pretty weighty too, nice mugs. I got a crate similar to the brown one. I use it to hold dish towels. They are really cute. The colors work great in the new kitchen.
Well I guess this is not too scrappy today, but I have been to busy to create much and nothing is finished. After this weekend I hope to have a ton to show. Have a great day! I will post as soon as I get the polish. Thanks again for all the color ideas.

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laverneboese said...

okay, are you free now? okay, you've made changes to your blog again, right?...or am i just going crazy? are you sitting with us on saturday? heehee, love the video and pictures of your little cutie-pie :)