Monday, March 23, 2009

My last free Monday

and I have NOT taken advantage of not having classes, I have not scrapped or made any cards like I wanted to. Instead all I have done is Blog Stalked - gotten very good ideas. I never even posted the LO's I did at the last day crop I went to. Still working on that too. Well I was reading my good friend LaVerne's Blog, when I was cracking up at her concern and question of how people keep a clean house, scrap, blog, parent, and work. Well all I have to say in response to that is this.

This is my laundry chair and it was EXTREMELY full this weekend. I just keep doing loads upon loads of laundry - folding and waiting for someone to put them away. In fact I think this picture will soon become a LO. You can see the hanging items on another chair in the background! I am happy to say though the house did get cleaned this weekend. Bathrooms and all. Now just to put ALL of the laundry away. Hanging items are the only thing done so far.

Well my lil one - the scout - has had a project this week taking pictures that will soon be printed and shown at an "Art Show" at the next pack meeting. So far these are a few of my favorites that he has taken with a small point and shoot camera. Not too bad. These are not doctored up.

I was able to take Aaron bowling yesterday with a friend and we had a good time. A and I spent Friday night and Saturday at my Mom's house. She is house bond with an injured foot so we kept her company while my Dad was out of town. The weekend went way to quick! And for my honey who I hope reads this. This was our week in review! We love you miss you lots and love you more. Here is a crazy picture of your son! Look at that face. It is like pulling teeth to get that kid to be serious!

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