Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New Sneakers!

Well it has been a while since I have posted.... Classes are crazy! I am at Mid-Terms! Well I am getting ready for a 3 day crop this weekend and can not wait. There are projects I have to work. I am making travel books for my son and 2 of my nephews to document our Thanksgiving Family Trip. We can not wait! Mountains, Fresh Air, Family, FUN! What could be better! We will even get to wear our WARM clothes.... Coming from South FL we do not get to do that all that often. I have a very busy next two weeks, but thought I deserved a 3 day crop before I left. Hubby is taking the little one to a Scout camping event and Rain Gutter Regata. Missing it will be sad, but.....

I got some new shoes today courtsey of a great friend and her daughter. Tell me these are not too freaking cute. I love them! Well I will post the boys travel books when I am done on Sunday. Hopefully they come out really cute! Well the blog is messing up my photos so the one of my son comes first! He is cute so that is ok! Have a good one!

Well I will leave you with a few new pictures - One of my son in Dad's hat and giving his peace sign - he is in the stage of growing his hair long and I think I like it - though it makes him look to grown up! The other is my new phone that I {Heart}. Pink what could be better. Also I gave my husband my iPod and got this new Zune, but in PINK! I love it! Well have a great week and unless something amazing happens I will post the final product of the travel books on Monday!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Blog Stalking and Scraplifting

So this weekend I have been blog stalking and came across Vicki Boutin and I love her style. I have to admit that I totally scraplifted one of her LO's. This one here....

Mine is on the right. Her choice of colors is great. I really need to learn the stitching. I love the final look . My pics are of a tree in my parents backyard. It is hard to tell, but there are two b/w pics and the middle on is color.
Well back to blog stalking for more great ideas!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

More Halloween and DT kits

Well I am offically back in school my 3rd Semester. Yeah Me. I am on the way to my degree. I am totally in the scrapping mode and should be reading about business law! Oh well here are some things I created tonight.

This first LO is greatly INSPIRED by Ms. Laverne. :)

here are some cute little tins I made tonight out of leftover papers and embellishments. They are going to be filled with halloween erasers, light sticks, halloween straws, and play doh for my son and nephews. I am going to shread some black paper for filler.

Well I hope everyone has a great weekend. I am working on another LO that I hope to be able to post it tomorrow. It is really cute can not wait to finish it.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

I love the fall season

Even in Florida - where it remains pretty warm you can feel a little change in the air. I love fall decorations and the warmth of the colors. We are starting to decorate this weekand and I am finally on time! I got my son's costume and made the cards I wanted to send out. They are addressed and just waiting for stamps. I use the MME Halloween kit and stamped the insides with stamps from Inque Boutique and CTMH. The design of the card was an inspiration from the "Cards" magazine.

Here are some items that I picked up at Joanne's last weekend, 40% off.
Well my next project that I will be working on is a Kate Album from Cosmo Cricket and I am making it into a halloween album for all of the pictures that will come from this season. Well have a great weekend.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Relief after a semester from H*LL

Well this semester just about kicked my A$$, but it is over and I needed some ME time so I decided to dedicate this week to scrapping after the little one is in bed. I will start working on some Halloween cards this week too; hope to post them soon. Well here are 2 that I have done so far this week. I have to say I love the new Basic Grey letters! They are too cute. I also finally got the use the fancy pants glitter cuts. I think it came out pretty cute!

Well as soon as I get some Halloween cards done I will post them. Now I am just waiting for Business Law class and Accounting II, yeah me - two more classes closer to GRADUATION!
Have a great week!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekend is Almost over :(

Well I only got one LO done this weekend, but that is OK, because I am caugth up with my Got Sketch LO's after today. I am really loving this class and if there is a 103 I am all over it.

Here is the latest LO. I used Fancy Pants, KI Memories, Basic Grey, and MME

This weekend was a busy one for me. Friday night my Mom and Sister-in-law went out for dinner. We had a very nice time. Ended up in a book store where I got a new book.....I LOVE IT.. What a great book! I need to join a book club so I can chat with others that like to read as much as I do.

My family went to my Papaw's house and cleaned it up and sorted items to donate. This was not the most fun thing, but there were a lot of memories there.

Well Sunday we a nice and relaxing day. I sat outside under a tree with my book and watched as my son washed both cars. I have to say he did a great job for being only 8. He even checked the oil and added washer fluid. Of course I had to take pictures! Can't wait to scrap them.

Well that was my weekend, here's to hoping the rest of the week goes by without a hitch.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Another LO from Got Sketch 102

I am really loving the fact that I officially have my MOJO back. Here is my newest LO though today I am another one behind, which I hope to have done tonight. There are also close ups on embellishments that I made.

got to pick Aaron up from school today and we decided to take some pics. Here is a cute one.

Monday, September 15, 2008

{Mondays} I do not {heart} them

So here are 2 LO's I completed this weekend. On Friday I went to my favorite scrap store and got some really cute new stuff to work with this week. I am behind on 2 LO's as of today for the Got Sketch 102 site, but should be able to get them done tonight and tomorrow. School is kicking my A**, but I will manage! So here are my 2 from this weekend. I hope you like.

Have a great Monday and hopefully I will get some pages done tonight. I printed out a ton of pics today at Wally Mart. I love their colors and luster finish on the prints.

OK so with an hour and a half left to my night here is my latest LO from the Got Sketch 102 class. I have NEVER put so many pictures on a page before. :) Thanks for the push.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

OK Up until 2:30AM, but worth it

So yesterday I picked up the book "Page Maps". Wow what a great book. I sat down to start reading it while my dinner cooked. Well I was hooked. I have gotten my mojo back between this book and the Best Class ever - Got Sketch 102. Here are the 2 LO's I did last night after shipping my Son and his sleep over friend to bed! So at 9:30pm I sat down and did not get to bed until 2:30AM and loved it. I share an office with my hubby so he worked, I worked, and we listened to music. Funny how Saturday nights used to consist of getting dressed up, going out, and having a few drinks. Now I sit at my desk, in my PJ's and drink Green Tea! And had a great time. Oh well....

I love Fancy pants they are one of my Favs and the new Basic Grey is very nice. I love the colors. Well looks like Ike will not be so bad for us - Thank God, and I wish all those in his path my prayers. Have a great remainder of your weekends.....

Saturday, September 6, 2008

I am on FIRE~~~

So taking the Got Sketch 102 I am trying so many new things and loving it. Finally I think that my mojo is back. I thought I would try and do a page tonight and get it posted, because we are getting ready for this....Some of our awnings are down, we have food and plenty of water, but he can just keep slipping down into the gulf!!!! Hopefully we will not lose power, but atleast with daylight I can scrap! :)
Well here is my newest LO and I really like it.

Here is a close up on my hand made flowers - felt/paper and Ribbon

Well if I can make some more this weekend I will post. Too all of my friends and Family in South FL, stay safe!!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

~~~No Cleaver Title~~~~

Well today I was waiting for my newest LO for Got Sketch. Here is my version of it. I used the new Luxe Design PP and loved it.
My son and nephews picked almost ALL of the unrippend oranges off my parent's tree while unsupervised outside! Well once everyone was over being a little miffed, my lil' nephew wanted to "drink the juice" and taste it. So I tried to capture the step-by-step with a sour face! It was too cute!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Newest LO from the Got Sketch 102

Here is my first LO from the Got Sketch 102

I love all the inspiration and the fourms are GREAT.

So this weekend was filled with fun & cleaning. Saturday I cleaned and did laundry... Always nice to have a clean house. Sunday we went to Mom and Dad's to celebrate a ton of birthdays!

Yes I have a crazy family and friends.

The kids really enjoyed the pool!

But, not all went in...

And for some this was a truly relaxing day....

There is this wonderful tree in my parents backyard. In the spring it is loaded with the most beautiful orange flowers and during the summer it gives the shade that is so needed in the South Florida heat. I just had to take this picture.... so peaceful.
The backyard is really coming along nicely. I will post all the landscaping pictures soon, but here is a sneak peak. I totally LOVE this house and all the changes that have been made. It is a little bit of Up North in the deep south! I hope to make a scrapbook of the transformation for my parents This shot is from the pool looking out to the entrance to the side of the house and garage area.

Well off to start making dinner. I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the long weekend.