Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Mama!

Well this weekend was a fun filled one. Saturday I spent the day doing ME stuff. I went shopping for clothes, found nothing! Why when you have money to burn you find nothing! Then went to my local Scrapbook Store, Cherry Blossom Studios, and of course was able to spend some money there. I had to get ready to celebrate my Mom's birthday on Sunday and my sister-in-law and I were responsible for making the sides and desserts. Well after going out to dinner with my boys I came back to the house to start cooking. Macaroni salad, green bean salad, and home made humus. All were very yummy! We also watched - Space Buddies - what a freaking cute movie! Well on Sunday morning, my son and I made homemade cards for Memaw! Here is the one I made, did not get a picture of his, but we used the new Scrapbook Trends card magazine for inspiration. Aaron made the card on the front and it came out GREAT!
Well everyone had a great time! We went swimming, ate too much BBQ, and then it was time for cake and presents. Well when I ordered the cake I spoke to a very nice gentleman with an accent. I ordered a carrot cake with "Happy Birthday Mom" to be written on the cake. Simple right? Well this is what I got. Not too far off, just humorous! But very good none the less!
Blake and Dad had a giggle or two, too! Mom of course had a great time with her Boys!
Well Happy Birthday Mama! You are the best! Glad you got all that you wanted!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend Things

Scouting and Fishing. My son had a lot to do this weekend. Scouting event for which he came
in second place!
He went swimming and fishing with his Pop.
The weather was just too beautiful to be inside this weekend. I was bad and did NOT get any scrapping done, nor was I able to visit the grand opening of Cherry Blossom Studios. Next Saturday I hope to be able to get over and purchase some new supplies. Though now LaVerne has posted a challenge on the BASB and I am going to try my hand at it over the next few days. Well now off to finish up some work for school! I am such a procrastinator all the sudden and that is driving me crazy! I need to work on that! I am too content reading my google reader and looking at other peoples work to get off my butt and scrap something or even too lazy to get a head start on my school work so I wont feel guilty about scrapping! Oh well! I will post the BASB LO as soon as I get it done! I think I will even bust out the old wedding photos and scrap one.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Wow long time no post

I have not been in a creative mood! I went to the new Cherry Bloosom Studio two Saturdays ago and still have not taken the items I purchased out of the bag! Now that is bad cuz they are cute things. When I get into classes scrapping tends to slip off. I did however take some pictures recently. My hubby was out of town for 45 days doing a house remodel in GA; so it was just the little man and me. This is what happens when you are doing laundry and the house gets really quiet.
A little leftover Halloween makeup and some scissors and viola a Rock Star is born! I laughed my booty off then of course had to take some pics!
Well here is what my hubby was working on. What a difference! He did a GREAT! job.

Then Spring Break and Easter were upon us. We ended up getting together with the cousins at my parents house. As you can see the kids had a BLAST!

Complete with picnic under the tree, Pre-Easter Egg Hunt, Swimming, and sliding. They were worn out and it was GREAT!
When Hubby was on his way home Aaron and I made all of his favorites, which included these cupcakes and cookies!
We also went on a canoe ride in JD Park in Jupiter. It was a beautiful day with 20 MPH winds. I wanted to strangle my husband because a 6 mile canoe ride against the wind just about killed me! Though the sights were beautiful and we did it together.
Easter was wonderful this year. We spent the morning at home egg hunting, candy eating, and napping (me) until it was time to go spend the rest of the day with the family. Again another Easter Egg Hunt! And it was Tyler's first Easter!
Well maybe this weekend I will be able to get something done. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend enjoy!