Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend Things

Scouting and Fishing. My son had a lot to do this weekend. Scouting event for which he came
in second place!
He went swimming and fishing with his Pop.
The weather was just too beautiful to be inside this weekend. I was bad and did NOT get any scrapping done, nor was I able to visit the grand opening of Cherry Blossom Studios. Next Saturday I hope to be able to get over and purchase some new supplies. Though now LaVerne has posted a challenge on the BASB and I am going to try my hand at it over the next few days. Well now off to finish up some work for school! I am such a procrastinator all the sudden and that is driving me crazy! I need to work on that! I am too content reading my google reader and looking at other peoples work to get off my butt and scrap something or even too lazy to get a head start on my school work so I wont feel guilty about scrapping! Oh well! I will post the BASB LO as soon as I get it done! I think I will even bust out the old wedding photos and scrap one.

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