Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer Time Fun! {Picture Heavy}

Here in South Florida the heat has come on with a vengeance. We started the summer off with my son coming down with a terrible sinus infection complete with fever and all. Poor thing missed 3 days of scout camp and he was really upset. Well after a visit to the dr. and a ban from the pool for a week! We got to start our real summer. A trip to the zoo {freaking hot} I must really love my kid. We got some great pictures.
This little guy was so angry, another bird had thrown his nest into the water
Say hello to my little friend. :)
Ok, a trained chicken really could anything be funnier?
This peacock was so beautiful. As my friend Tammy pointed out I must scrap this picture!
This owl was just so pretty in real life. I love owls and with all the new stamps out I really must scrap this little fellow!
Well at the end of the day it was all about this little guy. He was feeling pretty puny after this and since his sinus infection was not gone yet the heat got the best of him and we left shortly after. Mom was pretty happy with his idea. It was over 90 degrees by this point. Well this is the start to our summer. This weekend is father's day and tomorrow is my 39th!, ugh that just about killed me to say it, Birthday! We will be going to my parent's house to celebrate both occasions with the family. I hope to get some great pictures and will post my father's day gifts and cards. Making something cute that I saw another person's blog while blog stalking. I will find it and post a link here tomorrow. Well off to bed, at 38.9 I really need my rest! :)

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