Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sunny South Florida my fanny!

Well we have had horrible weather for about 2 weeks and the rain just does not stop. I saw a duck using a puddle as a pond. No kidding. I even posted on face book asking if Noah is getting the ark ready! So I have almost completed this semester at school and only have one more final to go, Finance!!! ugh. I am taking my time on it, I want an A on the final to get my B+ in the class. It is stressing me out. At least I am done in Ethics and the professor posted our final grades! 99.20% with a perfect score on my Power Point final project!!! I was so excited . I worked so hard on that project. I have to say though I loved the professor he was GREAT! Here is a picture of a project I just completed.

Well today was no exception with the rain so I decided to create gift card sets for my son's teachers for an end of the year gift. So far I have one set down and one more to go. Here are some pictures of the cards. I figure I will wrap them with some pretty ribbon. These are for his science/writing teacher. She is young and sweet and my little one has a slight crush I do believe. He is too cute having to get to school early to go help her in class.
Well I am in {love} with this paper pack, I found it at Michael's, too cute and very versatile. The stamps are Unity, they are wonderful and stamp such nice, clear images. Their choices are really cute and sweet. I have placed a second order, just waiting for it to arrive. I am so excited to get my hands on more.
Oh yeah speaking of school Florida gives the kids the FCAT test to see if the move to the next grade or not and it becomes a tremendous source of stress for parents and kids alike. Well after freaking for a few months, wondering if the kids do what they are supposed to and not get lazy and fill in any answer, we got Aaron's scores, 4 in reading and 4 in math! That is wonderful considering the scale is 1-5. The kids need 2's to pass to the next grade. I was relieved and very pleased with the great scores. So as of next Thursday we will have a 4th grader on our hands! Whew I have to say that 3rd grade has been a whirl-wind. Lots of new things to learn. They are even still doing projects next week! Crazy!
Well I hope that we do not get rain tomorrow, but if we do I will be back in my craft room making another set of cards. I also want to go and see the movie "UP" it looks too cute. As I type my boys are assembling a huge Lego - VW Beetle Bug car that Santa brought my Hubby for Christmas. I know almost 6 months later, but it requires a lot of time to get it together. I will post some pics when they are done. Well here's to wishing everyone a wonderful rest of the weekend and if you are in FL stay dry.

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Tammy said...

Your cards are a rockin' girl!!!! Great job! :)