Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Mother's Day - early

Hello all you Mother's out there. Here is to wishing you all a wonderful and relaxing weekend. I am not sure how relaxing mine will be this weekend, but last was WONDERFUL. My hubby, son, and I went and stayed on Vero Beach and it was BEAUTIFUL. We stayed RIGHT on the beach and took full advantage of the beautiful weather. We all came back home nice and tan. What a way to start off the summer, at least here in FL it feels like summer already.
Well this weekend starts off with house cleaning tonight since the rest of the weekend will be fun filled. Tomorrow night Aaron is off to Nana and Pop's for a sleepover while Mommy and Daddy go to a friends birthday party, which I am really looking forward too. It is a 70-80's theme and of course I had to shop right! Well I lived the 80's, but love the fashion from the 70's so this is my outfit for the night, sans shoes as I can not find the right ones! Even got a mani/pedi in this color to match the dress. Ok a lot different for me, but it will be cute tomorrow. It was really nice to hit the salon at lunch time and RELAX today!. I figure I can wear the dress again too, it is really cute in person.

And what is a Mother's day Weekend without spending some time with the Mom's. We are going to my in law's house Sunday AM to get Aaron and have lunch, then back to our house for dinner with my Mommy! I will be making cards for them and the birthday girl tonight or tomorrow AM, I hope to post them when I am done. So for now, Mommy's go relax and spoil yourselves this weekend.

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