Thursday, August 6, 2009

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We are still on our vacation, but I have not had the energy to blog. We have been non-stop since leaving. Our first stop was in Virginia for one night just to sleep. The following day we traveled to Ohio. Once we got into a hotel that was not housing a family reunion of about, oh I don't know, a billion people; we were great. In Ohio we saw many beautiful sights. The corn fields are just beautiful in the sunlight.

We actually visited an Amish home,
farm, and barn. Aaron loved holding the bunnies.
The three of us took a buggy ride. If any of you have been following along, Joe went along for the ride too.

In fact Joe has been across the border and back. Here are some pictures from our visit to OH.

The church was just very pretty I thought and snapped it from the car. The cheese factory was quaint and the kitten's outside in their beautiful gardens were too cute. We stopped along the way out of Ohio at a Vineyard named Ferrante Winery, just had to take a picture for the family! Sorry the not so wonderful pictures are taken with the blackberry so.... Driving through the wooden covered bridge was cool as was the lake on the other side. The weather has been just wonderful. Not sure if I am ready for the HOT Florida weather.
Most of these have been taken by me, but some by Aaron. He received a camera for his birthday and he is turning into quite the little photographer. I have been using my Point and Shoot on manual and I am learning quite a bit about white balance and iso. Keep in my that these photos have not been edited, so please bear with me. After Ohio we were on our way to Canada via New York to see Niagara Falls. I must say I have always heard that they are spectacular and that really is an understatement. The feeling you get after seeing them in person is indescribable.
Here are some pictures of our visit to Canada. First up is a bridge in New York and Joe at the border
These first few are of the whirlpools at the end of the falls. The water is such a beautiful green/blue.
The next ones are the ones of Aaron on the Maid of the Mist. This boat takes you as close to the Canadian Falls as possible. The mist and spray is so bad you can not take photos without a waterproof camera.
American falls on the Right and the Canadian Falls on the left.

A view from the top of the horseshoe falls.

Rainbow over the falls. The others are just random photos from Canada. This is all I can do tonight I am exhausted and must sleep! I will post more tomorrow. To all of our family we miss and love you. I will post more pictures tomorrow.

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Tammy said...

AWESOME pics girly!!!!Can't wait to hear all about your trip! Have a safe trip home :)