Monday, August 31, 2009

{Manic Monday}

Well the weekend was way to short and though I got a lot done, laundry doesn't count as my idea of fun. My husband and I are clearing out the clutter in our lives. Old baby stuff, quilts, quilt rack etc. It makes my mind more clear. So my hubby is now addicted to Craigs List. So anyone in the local South FL area, check out his posts and take ALL of this stuff from my front door! I gave him one week then it is off to Goodwill with it all. Isn't it crazy how much your decorating style changes over the years. When we first moved in together, OMG 17 years ago! Oh my that was hard to say, well my style was South West. This evolved into Country, complete with dead flowers on my walls that would attract all of the dust in the house. I guess that added to the country Krap charm? LOL Well now I guess you can say I am going through my minimalist phase. I love it. So neat and clean. What styles have you gone through and where have you ended up?
Well Monday's always consist of work, dinner, laundry etc. So I look forward to the kiddos bed time. I get to blog stalk, bookmark items I want to scrap lift, that I never seem to get to. Well work was crazy today so I was really ready today for my Manic Monday ritual.
I have to say Monday nights are one of my favorite nights on TV. Two and a half men and The Big Bang Theory are freaking hilarious! I {heart} those nerds! on Big Bang. Also how can I not mention How I met your Mother! Barney cracks me up! I can not wait for the new season to start. I also have a secret, sshhh don't tell anyone LOL I secretly watch the Disney Channel and LOVE Hannah Montana and The Wizards of Waverly Place. I use my son as a way to watch it. LOL though I watch even when he is in bed.
Well the first week of school as come and gone. Now the homework as started. Aaron is really into writing this year and art all of the sudden. I love this part of the year when they are excited to learn new things. The creative juices are flowing.
I do however have a moody kid on my hands and not sure how to handle him. I mean really 9 and attitude. Thinks we owe him the world all the sudden. Well I guess it is really not all that bad, but wants to stay up late, watch TV, and then have reading time. Well come on... I know could be so much worse, but he is really a great kid and this is out of character for him. The attitude we get after we say no is unreal. Tonight he told me that if I wanted to continue to be his favorite I would read chapter 2 of the new book we started. LOL can you believe that. 9 year old bribery. Well that was my manic Monday. If you made it to the end of my rambling - thanks!

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