Thursday, August 27, 2009

{LSS Re-Opening}

Cherry Blossom Studio is re-open and I could not be more excited. I love this store and all they offer. The classes are wonderful, as is the staff. ALWAYS eager to help. Check out their blog here. I have been trying my hand at some challenges for card making and will be posting some later today. I need to get my rear in gear and print out my vaca photos and get to scrapping. I have taken this semester off from classes and I feel like I am wasting away prime scrapping time! Well the family has been a little on the busy side. Mom had some surgery on her foot, then the next day Gram is in the hospital for CHF! Ugh I know that when you get older people tend to leave your lives, but come on. I lost my Maternal Grandpa last July, and for me that is ENOUGH! Grandma is doing much better and hopefully will come home today!
Another sore point in my life right now is my son Aaron. He started 4th grade this year and is having a VERY hard time adjusting. He is an only child and we spent a great deal of time together as a family this summer! We have been having an extreme case of separation anxiety this year for some reason. This is his 5th year at the same school, and even has the SAME teachers as last year. Not sure what is going on, but this morning SUCKED for me. I had to be mean and literally peel him off me to leave. I got in my car and broke down! I HATE being mean, but he says there is NOTHING wrong at school, nor is he afraid of anyone etc. I am at wits end. My hubby made an appointment the with principal before we do the doctor thing. I just my baby to feel safe and enjoy school! Well sorry for the downer post. Anyone with ANY ideas please leave a comment! I am feeling lost in this situation and really hate that feeling. Until the next post! Thanks and have a wonderful day.

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yuck Kim. why didn't you call me?