Thursday, July 30, 2009

Our big trip

So we are off and on our way to Canada via Ohio, then on to Pittsburgh. I am blogging from my blackberry for now, we will see how this works! It is a little hard with a boo-boo on my thumb! I am sad I missed CHA, but LaVerne was kind enough to take pictures and post them. We did nopt leave as early as we wanted, but traveling during the week is wonderful, no traffic. We are all excited. We are playing a game to see who can find the most out of state plates, I am losing since I am blogging. LOL. Well I will be posting pictures along the way; some from the blackberry and some from the camera so not all will be great! We are tracking Joe's trip on my Facebook page so check him out. I will add you as a friend if you would like to follow him along the way. I am going to get back to my game for now. Big A just got Kentucky! Will post some pics soon!

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