Friday, July 17, 2009

{My everyday view}

Ok I just know that there must be a scrap page brewing in my head, because I got the wild idea to take pictures of what is around me in my office and what I see on a daily basis. I am at work more hours of my life, than I am at home. So here is what my day to day looks like.
Ok diet pepsi is usually sitting on my desk. It is either that or coffee. Staples in my day.
Here is a view of my computer - I usually have my Zune playing, helps me pass the day.
This is my informational wall. I look to it ALL day everyday! Look closely the funniest email I ever got is printed out - OK a pig laying next to a piece of bacon - telling it he should have worn sunscreen! Funny right?
Here is a view from my desk! Ok all the stuff on the book shelf is crap that needs to leave my office. People think I am a dumping ground! Oh well.
Here is the view walking into my office. I have to say I have tried to make it like home, since as I stated I am here so much more than home! Ok I know I live in South Florida and it is freaking hot, but it is meat locker here, hence the sweater on the back of my chair. You may also see the card board box above my window! LOL there is a small window up there that does NOT have blinds on it and at certain times during the year the sun BEATS down on me and the computer screen, so my handy dandy co-workers fashioned me a loverly UPS box shade. Well I guess I was really bored today and just thought I would take some pics and post them. Crazy! Well this weekend is going to be a busy one. Tomorrow Rocket Derby with the scouts and dinner guests too! So glad my hubby invited them over, but it will be about 1000 degrees out tomorrow and the event is in the total sun! From 7am-3pm! EEE gaads! So I will be wiped out. Take out anyone!? Another hour in the kitchen over the stove cooking does NOT sound appealing at all and I LOVE to cook. Well I hope to get some scrapping done at some point. I will post if I can - hope everyone has a great weekend!

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