Thursday, February 19, 2009

Blog set-up!

So I am finally trying to get into the whole updating the blog everyday. I started this blog for mainly one reason, to post my crafts. Well there are just not enough hours in the day to scrap and card make something EVERYDAY. So on the days or weeks or months that I had not scrapped I did not post. Well I am going to try and change that. I am going to write about my day and post a picture of that day. No I am not doing the 365 challenge. I tried to do that and became so stressed that after getting all ready for bed, jammies and all, I would pop up and say to my hubby, "I forgot to take a picture, SMILE." Well needless to say he thought/thinks I am crazy. So for now I will attempt at a picture a day and journal about it.
I have learned to add people's blogs that I watch and stalk I guess you would say. The new DT at Cherry Blossom Studios, is my current add. I wish them all luck this year. I will miss my old DT mates. Enjoy ladies.
Well I guess I can start off this blogging everyday with a picture of my office. This is where I spend a majority of my time!

OK well lets analyse my space. Green sweater over the chair, though we LIVE in So. FL, I work in a MEAT LOCKER. The desk is pretty neat today, ALL of the pain in the botties are out of town today, hence the time to blog about my desk. I do have a can of REGULAR coke on my desk, because the diet is all gone and we are ALL to lazy to go to Sam's to get more. Pretty flower pens to brighten my day. Though for some reason they have been pushed behind my computer so I guess they are there to brighten the day of whoever sits in the chair. Then a picture of my screen, for proof that I really am blogging!
Well tomorrow I am chaperoning my son's class at the Renaissance Festival. The weather should be nice and what could be better than spending the day with 22 - 8 year olds? Oh I am not sure a hot poker in the eye??? I will post pics on Saturday or Monday, or if I have the energy Friday night. So I made it through a whole post without on crafty item being posted. Oh wait, I am on the lookout for these items,

so if you are reading this blog, which I am sure I am the only one who does, let me know if and where you have seen them. They are the American Crafts - Flair and Detail. Thanks!


Liz Caruso said...

Hi Kim, love your blog. Hope you had fun today at the Ren. Festival. Sorry I haven't seen any of the items you are hunting for. Have a great weekend.

Tammy said...

Liking the new blog...How did you get the background to look like that?????

That layout that I did of Jake was with the NEW My Minds Eye Penny Lane collection.

laverneboese said...

I don't know what my dealio was. I could only see your blog's sidebar. So I had to read everything from my google reader. Anyway, everything is working wonderfully now and your blog's new look is beautiful. I love, love, love it. And your office looks quite cozy :) Hey, those layouts with the collage photos came out awesome. I don't know why you said you were having trouble with them. Doesn't look like you had any trouble at all. So are you scrapping tomorrow? I'll keep my eyeballs peeled for the American Crafts stuff :)