Tuesday, February 10, 2009

January - WOW this has been a picture posting day!

So living in Florida where else can you swim just a few days after Christmas?
My cousin's kids came in from Tampa to see their grandpa (my uncle) and the kids all went to Mom and Dad's for swimming and a BBQ. What a fun time to see all the kids together! That used to be us as kids playing now we have the kids! TOO MUCH. We spent New Year's Eve with Louis, Michele, Frederick, and Alexandre. We ate, played the Wii, and had a great time. Aaron and Frederick have become great friends through scouts and spend a lot of time together. They even let me do a photo shoot one day. What great kids right!
So do they think they are GQ or what. It was fun and they really enjoyed it. Even the cat thinks she is a superstar!

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laverneboese said...

I loved catching up on your blog. Wow, the holidays were definitely good to you. So how is that Guitar Hero anyway? Still trying to decided whether or not to invest in one. Okay, your man is totally Mr. GQ...quite the little studmuffin ;)