Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Same day another update - December 08

So December was crazy too. Of course with holidays and shopping everyone's December is nuts. My parents were in the Christmas Pagent again this year and we took the kids to see it.The boys thought it was too cool seeing their Memaw in the play. Papa played percussion so he was there throughout the play. I went to my company Christmas Party in Texas paired along with a lovely HR meeting. All in All it was not a bad trip. I work with some great people. We celebrated Blakie 'B's Birthday with a bowling party.I had some minor surgery the day before, still working on having another baby, so I was not able to bowl. The kids had a great time though! We took a long weekend and went to Epcot. The weather was GREAT and we had a very nice time.yes my boys are crazy and that is why i {heart} them so much!Well Christmas was just around the corner and it was great to see family.
We got to celebrate Tyler's First Christmas. Too cute! Grandma and Grandpa are just as adorable as ever. The Holiday season was good too all of us. Aaron got Guitar Hero and a Wii, which Mommy and Daddy love. LOL. It was great to see family and though none of them like it, I love the picture of Mom and her sisters laughing! I hope everyone had a great holiday. Cherish this time with your families - memories last a lifetime!

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