Friday, February 13, 2009

Kitchen Redo

Well my hubby has been very busy painting my kitchen. He had to remove our pantry to make way for our new AC and when he did he was very nice and installed new cabinets for all my goodies. Well I finally picked a color and he went for it. Today - this weekend is my move in week. I have purchased all my new items, towels, table mats, paper towel holder, wall art etc. I have gone from a blue and white kitchen to a Behr's Smokey Topaz and white. We have maple cabinets and it looks GREAT! I have been purging and cleaning out cabinets and it feels great! I will post some before and after pics later this weekend. I wish we were able to get granite right now, but NEW bedroom furniture is higher on my list. Honey do not put away those paint brushes!!! :) Well once the room is DONE I will post the pics, but until then I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentines Day. Kiss and Hug your loved ones.
Ok Here are the before and partial after pictures. I will post more tomorrow or Sunday once the final decorations have been placed minus the wall decor. Hubby will be out of town and how dare I hang something on a wall that will actually take me weilding a hammer. Oh well, I let him think he is the only one that can do that stuff so perfectly. Keeps him happy! :) All you married ladies know what I mean, right?

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