Friday, February 13, 2009

New Obsession

Ok I have a new costly obsession! Le Creuset items in the Caribbean Blue. I am on a mission to find this utensil crock.

Though I truly want the entire set of this cookware.

I mean can you blame me? The stuff is beautiful. So for now I have to settle for a spatula and spoon holder. Though I am working on the other items slowly. If you share my obsession let me know the best place to get stuff.


Tammy said...

Try Sur La Table in Coconut Creek -I have gotten some of my pieces there..They may have it! :)

Kim said...

Yes that is where I shop for it though they are not carrying this exact utensil crock! So sad. I love their cookware. I just made room in my cabinets for more. What pieces do you have?