Saturday, February 5, 2011

{Camera Phone Pictures}

I have to say I love taking random shots with my camera phone. Here are a few of my favorites since the beginning of the year or so.

Aaron the punk at Cracker Barrel

Spring Cleaned my linen closet
My cupcake wrapper obession
Made these for a new years eve party. LOL
They were super yummy
Got really cold in South FL so Hot Chocolate was needed
Date night with hubby at the Melting Pot
Let me out - poor kitty cat
Aaron made dinner from scratch all by himself
A scout is helpful
Helping out a scout for their Eagle Project
Out to dinner after a long day of helping others
Me and little man - yeah I can rock a braided pigtail.  LOL
Bowling Lanes
Bowling Balls
Caboose Burgers
Cat high on catnip
Ah the last night of Carvel before they closed after 38 years! :(

So that is the beginning of my new year.  So far a fun year!

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