Friday, August 27, 2010

{My new obsession} .... well not so new

I am really getting into taking more photos and love it.  Trying to learn about my camera and the proper way to use it and then edit the photos.  Wow who knew there was SO much to learn.  I just hope my son does not tire too soon of the flash in his face!  He is cute, but alas he is also a moving target.  I am going to try and take a photo a day, though with a busy schedule this is NOT always possible.  Some will be bad and that is ok, moving around the settings of the camera is important for learning.  At least that is what I tell myself when there is motion or focus blur!  LOL  I hope to be able to post some edited photos here along with the original photo and maybe some of the readers out there will comment and let me know what they think?  Even if you do NOT like something please let me now.  Thanks in advance.  Here are a few that are edited only.  I will post the unedited photos at a later date. 
On another note, we have been busy this summer, vacations, birthdays, and just some beach fun.  Here are some random shots of Summer.

1. Church was just really neat looking, Front Royal, VA Main Street
2. Harbor in St. Augustine, FL
3. Light House in St. Augustine, FL
4. Cool Sign in VA taken for a super cute special scout i know. 
5. Awesome Shot of a boat in James Town, VA
6. Entrance of the Shenandoah Park - hiked for EVER
7. Tower in Castillo de San Marcos - St. Augustine, FL
8. 10 year old awesome birthday - cupcakes for breakfast
9. What kind of birthday would it be without cupcakes and
10. Sparklers
11. Cool kid fishing in VA
12. The lake the cool kid fished on in VA
13. Blurry pic of the above mentioned cool kid in Colonial Williamsburg, VA - blurry, but love the pic
14. Deerfield Beach - August, 2010
15. Umbrella shot at Deerfield Beach, FL - my new desktop pic at work - so I can dream about it. :)

So leave a comment about what you like and do not like, please and thank you!

ps.  The diet is going great.  Had some surgery in the beginning of August for a bad gall bladder so that has set me back a little in the gym, but continuing to lose despite that.  Can not wait to get back full time, full force to the gym.  I am going to try and post some pics of before and now so I can really see the progress of ALL my hard work. 

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Michelle B said...

HI! I hopped on your blog from Karen Russell's blog when I saw your comment about the flash issues. I love your pictures! As for not using the flash inside. Having a lens that lets in lots of light is good. And then to get rid of the yellow look adjust the white balance. Not sure what type of camera you have. But I have a cannon rebel and their is a button on the back that says "WB". Inside I adjust it to florecent or tungsten light. here is a good website
I am still trying to figure out my camera myself...and I have to remind myself to adjust the white balance based on inside, outside, day/night or what room I am in.