Thursday, April 28, 2011

{Easter 2011}

This was the first Easter without my Grandma and it was strange.  Getting the family together is not always easy - everyone has busy lives; however when we get together it is NONSTOP laughing.  Egg hunt, a lot of food, sweets, and fuzzy bunny contest.
and the hunt begins

dylan reaching for a hard one

I hide a hard one for blake

ty loved opening them and eating the candy

i took this pic when no one was looking
they look like they should be in an ad

snapped this one of my son and loved it

i love catching moments when people are not watching

have no idea what they were talking about, but it was so cute

family prayer time

south florida means swimming on Easter

fuzzy bunny competition freaking hilarious all these pics were blurry because we were laughing so hard

blake tried to squeeze the peeps out of papa's mouth
I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter I know I sure did.  Spending time with family is priceless.

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