Wednesday, April 27, 2011

{Weekend hike}

Saturday I took my little one on a scout outting to a local Seminole Indian Reservation.  This was an extremely awesome trip.  We learned a lot and went on a beautiful hike.  Well this reservation was over one and a half hours away and noticed about 45 minutes in that I left my camera at home!  {insert me kicking myself in the butt}  Well had to make the best of it with my cell phone.  The sights were beautiful.

the walk along the boardwalk was beautiful

the sunlight through the trees was amazing

cool piece of wood for building canoes

a game of knee bone - game played by the Seminole people - Aaron won!

After this great day spent with my son we stopped by my parents house to see their new BBQ area.

Cannot believe how beautiful it turned out!

Well that was my busy Saturday. 

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