Wednesday, October 28, 2009

{Poor Blogging Habits}

Isn't it funny how life just seems to go so quickly?  Kids growing at such a rapid rate that it seems like seconds from one year to the next.  Before you know it they are almost as tall as you and wearing your socks!  Yes that one is specific.  I had to purchase PINK bottom socks to keep a certain little boy out of my drawer, but alas that failed.  The other day he fell asleep at my parent's house and when I sent to wake him and removed the blanket I noticed MY pink bottom socks on his monster feet!  I really did have to laugh though!  I guess it is time for new socks. can you imagine how desparate he must have been to wear pink! 

I have been busy creating new cards.  Halloween goodie bags for my son's class. I just received my first order from Paper Trey ink and I can not wait to start creating with all the goodies.  I loved their stuff so much that the day I got my order I placed another one, and one from Two Peas as well. I must be stopped!

The holidays are coming and I really want to make my own cards this year again.  I feel I will have to start NOW!  My classes start up again in November and I want to make the most of my time NOT in class.  Once they start I am screwed for "me" time.  Oh well it was a blast while it lasted. 

My son was so excited to go to school today.  The kids were going to have a web chat with R.L. Stine, the author today!  AND his teacher said he could bring in his own "experiment" to do with the class.  Mentos and Diet Coke.  I really wish I was there to take pictures!  I sure hope his teacher realizes what she is getting into.  It was funny as we were walking out the door today he goes, "hey Daddy shouln't I have my safety glasses for this".  I thought OH NO this is NOT going to be good! LOL

So living in South FL, the heat tends to kill the Fall mood, though it is my favorite holiday.  I dream of living up North where there is an actual change of seasons.  Halloween is supposed to be about 88 degrees, nice right? NOT.  My son's scout pack had their annual Halloween event on Monday.  All the kids came in costume and each Den had a carnival game for them to play. Well needless to say it was a normal SO FL night with humidity reaching 85%.  All the kids with makeup were nice and shiney!  LOL Here are some quick pics of the night.

Aaron and Daddy, yes my hubby wears his socks that high.  It kills me! LOL
This was the end of the night and it was stinkin' hot!

Thing 2 had a family of Things - it was great!  This is Aaron's Den minus 2 kids.
Cory, Chris, Twin 1, Aaron, Jeremy, "Pimp Daddy" Fred, and Twin 2

Well I hope to post pictures of my newest cards tomorrow.  Tonight is laundry and card making.  Oh and who can forget Glee, Modern Family, and Cougar Town.  Thank God for Hulu.  The freaking Cougar Town cracks me up!  Modern Family is a hoot!  Bought time comedies were funny again!  Glee is my modern day Fame from back in the day.  I used to watch that with my Mamaw and I am sure she would have loved Glee today!

Well I have to get back to my REAL job.  Hope everyone is enjoying their week!

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