Tuesday, March 11, 2008


So today is just another day! Also Scout night! I love the scouts, it just seems like it rules our life sometimes. Last night my cousin and I worked in cutting out ALL the parts to her baby shower invite. Coming out very cute. Thank goodness for the cricut machine. Today during my lunch break I will be inking the edges! I will post some pics today once I get them going. Still working on my DT kit for March. All about Dance and I am really struggling. Not sure where to go with it at all. I am in a rut with the bazzill scalloped circles, but LOVE them. They look really neat on the pages.

But I really need to try something new. I also need to buckle down and finish my cards for the swap due on SATURDAY!!!!!! 5 - B-Day and 5 Easter/Spring. I have the idea just need to get them done!

Well work has been sort of slow, so I am getting caught up on a lot of little paper work. A little boring. Well slow day with news, I need to get a new daily weather picture, but our days have looked the SAME for a week now. So much for Sunny South FL.


laverneboese said...

Okay, did you post this on your SC gallery? I love how that layout turned out. OH, and I was wondering what was up with your weather pictures. Then I realized that the weather has been yucky and there's no reason to change it. Maybe you should take a picture of someone else's weather and we can play "Let's pretend" Go check out Hawaii's weather.

laverneboese said...

OH, I forgot to ask about the Shower invites...looks like she likes your stuff, huh? Post pictures please! And what's up with that little wheelchair guy next to the word verification part on your blog. What exactly are you implying? Does your blog know that I'm mentally challenged and keep screwing up the extremely looooong word verification codes that are all slanty and jacked up looking?

Kim said...

Well I have not changed the weather pic for the exact reason you stated! The weather here has SUCKED! Hawaii would be a good choice. The shower invites have changed a little. I will post them as soon as they are done.

laverneboese said...

Okay, it's 7:30 a.m. So far, so good...meaning I think I see the sun! You might get to use your camera today!