Thursday, March 13, 2008

What a day!

So I wake up and am running late as usual!!!!! I walk out of the front door and wow what do I see but a BEAUTIFUL chilly morning. Blue skies, white clouds!!!! Yea I can change my weather picture today! Though you can tell from the picture I am still trapped in my office. :)

Well last night I watched the boot off show of AI. I was pleased with the results though I really thought the country girl would be history! I love country, but come on she really ruined that song, considering we went to a Beatle Mania concert on Saturday. Wow what a show that was. Any way..... I did absolutly NO scrapping or card making last night and now I am really behind. 10 cards need to be made, Laundry is piling up, bathrooms need to be cleaned and floors need to be mopped. All before tomorrow night. In the words of the Beatles...HELP I really need sommebody..... Can you say housekeeper??? If only that was in the buget. So for now I am off to work ALL day then head on home to do the chores and if there is time cards! Wish me luck. Have a great day.

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laverneboese said...

Yay Weather Girl! Great weather picture!!!!!! Oh, I hope you have time to do your cards. I'm behind as well in the "clean house" department. I spent all afternoon if I had a housekeeper and nothing else in the world to do. I should have been scrapping...those 3 kits...actually maybe i have 4...eeks!