Friday, March 7, 2008

First Blog in the bannerless world - Thanks La Verne!

So this is what life is like without that crazy banner chasing me everywhere I go. SWWWEEEETTTT! LaVerne was SO right. Well I am now committed, or should be, to maintaining my new BLOG! This may make it easier for me to get more LO's done and not to mention CARDS with my scraps since that is one of my New Year resolutions. I know, not the typical weight lose, but why set myself up for failure! :)

Yesterday my goals were to Clean House, Do Laundry and pack for a 3 day crop. Well..... One load of laundry was done. Packed for the crop! and the house welllll - there is always another day right.

Kids sure do like to pull out EVERY toy they own to play for 30 minutes. My son's room is usually a disaster before bedtime. Last night was an exception. Maybe he is getting the hang of Mom's crazy - PICK UP YOUR ROOM! or just doesn't want to hear it anymore. Whatever works right.

Here is a typical response I get from my son when I ask him to clean his room.

He is a crazy kid and I adore that about him. Well for today that is all I have for now. I will be gone for the weekend at the crop. Hopefully I will have a ton of new stuff to post! Can not wait to see LaVerne in action! She is GREAT! I love meeting new people and seeing their styles of scrapping and photography. That is my new goal this year too, get better at taking pics and cropping them! Have a creative weekend and enjoy!


laverneboese said...

Ha! now that you've seen me in "action," what do you have to say?! "Hmmm, when is she gonna actually do a layout!?" Yeah, I pretty much suck in the "action" department. Sorry I didn't inspire you much, hee hee.

Anonymous said...

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