Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Still Waiting

Ok one UPS man came today and dropped off the beautiful envelopes for my cousin's shower invitattions that I have been working on for so long. They will be done and out by friday! They are a very pretty pale yellow. But still NO FRED. I am really jonesing for him! Well went to Wal-Mart today and got my easter eggs for the hunt that we do for all the kids on easter sunday. I filled all 100 eggs!!!!!! Wow that is a lot of eggs for 4 little boys! Got some cute ones that look like Camo so those I will hide the dollars in! Man I wish I was young again. I am hopefully going to scrap SOMETHING tonight. Maybe try and work some more on my DT kit - dance.

Help I am sooooo lost. I only have a son and he is NOT into dance. What can I do with this? I have the whole line and am late at turning it in. LaVerne stop LAUGHING


laverneboese said...

Hee hee! Talk about late. I still have 3 kits out...I am strrruuuugling! I cut up all my tinkering ink paper and guess what I made? A MESS! I left my peek a boo album at Scrapbook Central. I'm a mess! I do have plenty of giraffe pictures though...enough for a whole frickin zoo, hee hee! You need help? No girly, I NEED HELP! Hey, where's FRED?

laverneboese said...

Hey Dance girl,

Where R U??????? Are you playing with FRED, hee hee?